Los Angeles, CA – April 12, 2017 – Caesarstone, luxury quartz surface manufacturer, will continue its longstanding partnership with House Beautiful for the tenth Kitchen of the Year, making Caesarstone the only brand partner that has been a part of the celebration since its inception at Rockefeller Plaza in 2008.   

“We are proud to be a brand partner of House Beautiful’s iconic Kitchen of the Year for the last ten years, and hope to continue for the next ten,” said Nick Harris, VP of Marketing for Caesarstone US. “The designers we have worked with over the years have become a part of the Caesarstone family, and it has been a true highlight for us to see the stunning work that is unveiled each year.”

Renowned interior designer Jon de la Cruz, who founded De La Cruz Interior Architecture + Design (DLC-ID), will design the 2017 Kitchen of the year. The kitchen will feature Caesarstone quartz surfaces in Raw Concrete throughout. The 2017 Kitchen of the Year is being hosted at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, at 2698 Pacific Avenue, and is open to the public from April 29 to May 29.

“We’ve presented some of the biggest names of kitchen design over the past ten years, and every one of them has been delighted to work with Caesarstone,” said Kate Kelly Smith, House Beautiful Senior Vice President and Group Publishing Director. “When we invite designers to create the ultimate the kitchen, they know they will get access to the best products and manufacturers. Caesarstone has always been at the top of that list. We’re so grateful for their partnership and support.”  

To celebrate ten years as part of Kitchen of the Year, Caesarstone is looking back on inspiration behind the design from previous years and the long-standing relationships they have built with these renowned designers over the course of their careers.

Matthew Quinn (2016)
used Calacatta Nuvo in a honed finish throughout the kitchen and
Calacatta Nuvo in a polished finish
on the adjacent fireplace.
Ken Fulk (2015)
utilized darker shades of Caesarstone
in Vanilla Noir and Clamshell.
"I like a bit of drama, and black will dress up any space," he said of his design two years ago.

Steven Miller (2014)
loved using Caesarstone quartz surface in Pure White and noted the durability
and ease of use.
Christopher Peacock (2013)
designed his second Kitchen of the Year using Piatra Gray, a new release in 2013.
“Caesarstone has all the properties you want in terms of practicality – heat resistant, stain resistant. And the soft grey works with my monochromatic, tone-on-tone color scheme,” he said of his design.
Mick De Giulio (2012)
featured a 13 ft. white island set against contrasting stainless steel and wenge wood details for a stunning look that featured the Fair Lady Supremo collection.
Tyler Florence (2011)
noted that he loved how the Caesarstone surfaces played with light when he used Belgian Moon in his design.
“I’m looking at a reflection of white wall, stainless steel, the blue sky from the skylight. The polished Caesarstone bounces light back into the room. Caesarstone is forgiving. Most stone countertops are not. You get a couple of drops of lemon juice on marble and you have to live with a mark. You spill red wine on it - done!”

Jeff Lewis (2010)
Lewis humorously said, “I wanted this humongous block of Caesarstone, clean and white, and it doesn’t stain, scratch, or burn.  I have Caesarstone in my own house, and you know how particular I am,” after he used Pure White in 2010.
Ina Garten (2009)
preferred “gutsy” countertops and used Raven because it was super-thick and dark; perfect for her design.
Christopher Peacock (2008)
highlighted a major benefit when working with Caesartsone’s Misty Carrera – “It looks like marble, but it’s not going to stain and you can set down a hot pot.”



About Caesarstone:
Caesarstone is a leading developer and manufacturer of premium quality quartz surfaces. Established in 1987, the company pioneered the quartz surfaces and continues to manufacture high-quality surfaces utilizing advanced technologies and proprietary knowhow. Caesarstone surfaces consist of up to 93% quartz, retain the cool tactile qualities of nature's strong stones while offering freedom of design with enormous application possibilities including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall paneling, furniture and more. Caesarstone offers a product that is highly functional, design forward and beautiful, all at the same time.

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