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OOAK COllection by Caesarstone
Introducing the
OOAK Collection

Discover Caesarstone’s
One of a Kind Collection

Live the beauty of the details. Introducing our One of a Kind collection featuring new surfaces all with our commitment to impeccable detail and quality. With our new OOAK Quartz & Porcelain Collection, we celebrate the unrepeatable nature of veining. Each surface designed with purposeful elements, movement and depth. Create your One-of-a-kind space with your own personal style, a space that inspires you to create extraordinary moments.

See your countertop
come to life

  • 507


    New Porcelain Surface

    A luxuriously silky warm white, made tactile by the dynamic rush of hushed gold, taupe, and grey lines that dissolve into a translucent sedimentary cloud, heightened by a velvety feel and an uplifting light in soft Silk finish.

  • 508


    New Porcelain Surface

    A spectacular embodiment of the marking of time on a neutral off-white base, bursting with a lively criss-crossing of oversized veins and fine crackled lines that feature ancient copper overlay, textured golden streaks, and primeval earthy sediments, in an outstanding composition unseen before, with a sleek and soft Silk finish.

  • 543


    New Porcelain Surface

    A dry neutral base infused with ivory and beige granules, like fine particles of sand and crushed shells that morphed into an ancient stone over millennia. Mottled highlights and brown scuffs evoke the rugged appearance of a humble sedimentary rock, in Stone finish.

  • 544


    New Porcelain Surface

    A neutral grey with a richly detailed granular aesthetic made of tiny shells, grains, aggregates, and impurities, fused into an elaborate archaic texture of tone-on-tone fossils. Warm grey and cashew are speckled with small moss rings and darker stone-washed dashes, in Stone finish.

  • 581


    New Porcelain Surface

    An alluring warm white with a soothing aura, subtle tone-on-tone layers veiled in evenly crackled thin icy veins and caramel accents, like weathered metamorphic rock combining the luxury of marble with the tactility of stone wrapped in velvety, soft Silk finish.

  • 550


    New Porcelain Surface

    Misty clays create a two-toned earthy base banded with silver greys, creating the dense linear appearance of ancient travertine, enhanced by tiny oxidized puddles. Metallic accents, layers of fine alloy stratum, and creamy streaks blend into the neutral palette, giving it an airy appearance, in Stone finish.

  • 542


    New Porcelain Surface

    A milky base mottled with muted sage and darker mossy infusions, capturing the movement of time over natural stone. Lighter areas are animated with lively large aggregates, iodized impurities, and rust veins that add warmth and depth to this uplifting surface, in Stone finish.

  • 5144

    Rossa Nova

    New Quartz Surface

    An off-white base crisscrossed with the directional movement of archaic veining, like an ancient memory of alluvial landscapes, soothing in their earthy tones, delicately tinted with amber gradients and deep golden accents.

  • 5122

    Aterra Verity

    New Quartz Surface

    A crisp white base interlaced with thin linear sweeps of bronze and copper impressed on the cloudy surface in various intensities, like ancient pathways viewed from afar, creating a calm topography, soothing, and filled with light.

  • 5132

    Celestial Sky

    New Quartz Surface

    A creamy white backdrop graced with a veiny overlay of greys, earthy browns, and green undertones, extending in all directions like an organic web, crackling around fine fissures with a primordial energy that morphed into modern opulence

  • 5152


    New Quartz Surface

    Dazzling gilded veins sweep across a pure white base, undulating in a dense mesh of warm earthy alloys accentuated by neutral oxides and gradations of burnt amber, echoing the shifting sands of a wind-blown landscape.

The One of a Kind Collection

View our beautifully designed and durable surfaces from the new OOAK Collection. Several of which are already available but more coming soon.

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