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Securing the future with symbiotic sustainability

Caesarstone believes in symbiotic sustainability, which is the art of living together, where our Earth is shared by all, nature and people, as one greater ecosystem. Our products and practices drive human responsibility towards the environment and society by creating a connection with nature from the heart of the home. In our entire life cycle, Caesarstone nurtures symbiotic sustainability.

Our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) excellence is embedded in everything we do, as demonstrated in our 2020 ESG report.

Join us on this journey for a better future where people and planet uphold one thriving ecosystem.

Caring with our raw materials

Caring with our raw materials

Sourcing responsibly to maximize sustainable footprint.

Our global suppliers provide quality materials while meeting our environmental and social standards.

Partnerships that do good.

The partners we choose fully comply with the industry’s supplier code of conduct and are fully committed to safeguarding the environment and human rights.

Ongoing monitoring and compliance control.

Ongoing testing, checking, and monitoring, constantly improve our practices. We also conduct regular on-site visits to our partners’ facilities to ensure their full compliance with all the regulations regarding human rights and material resources.

Increased volume of recycling.

We are transitioning into recycled paper in our production processes, and in 2021 recycled more than 1,200 tons of paper while also recycling 100,000 raw-material bags every year.

Meeting the mark, with the SCS Green Stamp of approval

Caesarstone 3100 Jet Black is SCS certified for recycled content, made from up to 40% pre-consumer recycled materials (mirrors, glass, high-quality reclaimed postproduction waste from fabrication processes).

Caring with our manufacturing and transportation

Caring with our manufacturing and transportation

Efficiency that minimizes climate change.

Maximizing efficiency is a top priority in energy, water, waste, and resource use, implemented throughout our production process while transitioning into renewable energy that minimizes our climate footprint.

10% less energy consumption by 2025.

By reducing our energy consumption year-by-year, we have already achieved 4% less in 2020 and are expected to meet our goal for another 10% cut by 2025.

Slashing GHG emissions.

We are fulfilling our commitment to reducing global GHG emissions, with 12% less in 2018 and 5% less in 2019, while monitoring and minimizing air pollutants (NOx, Sox, etc.) that impact climate change and health.

Minimizing water-use.

Our water use has dropped by 24% per slab since 2015, and we are committed to lowering this number by 10% per slab in 2025.

Safety and health first.

A strong safety culture is instilled worldwide through our education and training programs, already achieving 72% less injuries (LTI) from 2018 to 2020 and constantly improving processes.

40 projects dedicated to enhancing safety and health.

We invested in more than 40 projects dedicated to reducing the use of hazardous materials (silica, styrene, and acetone) in production facilities.

Caring through our use phase, recycling, and disposal.

Caring through our use phase, recycling, and disposal.

Global chain of partnerships for positive change.

’Stronger Together’ is a key motto we operate by, and that’s why we initiate and nurture a network of partnerships that drive sustainability across the globe and implement sustainability in the diverse aspects of our product life cycle.

Our products are long-lasting and low-maintenance for a healthier ecosystem.

Our durable, simple-to-care surfaces require no sealants and remain durable and beautiful with minimal maintenance, significantly reducing the use of cleaning detergents.

Lifetime warranty.

We are committed to crafting sustainable surfaces of superior quality that come with our lifetime warranty, reflecting their high performance and durability from the ecosystem standpoint.

Got the GREENGUARD stamp of approval.

All our products are GREENGUARD certified, as low-emitting surfaces that meet the most stringent product emission standards.

Evaluating opportunities for surface recycling or reuse.

We are establishing safe and efficient ways to reuse and recycle our surfaces at end-of-life, meeting our commitment to minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Our fabricators’ health and safety are top priority.

We are proactively committed to ensuring a healthy workforce. Our Master of Stone program sets the standard for safety through training and access to knowledge, securing the health of our employees, suppliers, and partners.

Used in green-building projects worldwide.

We are part of USGBC green building boards and run certified production plants that manufacture green products used abundantly in green construction projects worldwide for their eco-friendly manufacturing and improved lifecycle cost.

NSF Safe

Our nonporous, hygienic surfaces are NSF-compliant and approved by The International Health and Safety Foundation as safe working surfaces for food preparation.

We avoid using Red List materials

We publish a Red List declaration, self-certifying that we do not add to our products any of the red-listed materials detailed on the International Living Future Institute website to ensure the health of people and the environment.

Third-party verified Declare Label for full transparency

Our ingredients are clearly listed on Declare Labels that are verified and approved by an external third party. For full transparency, you can trust about what’s exactly inside the majority of our products, which are 100% fit for use in Living Building Challenge (LBC) projects, LEED buildings, and International Living Future Institute (ILFI) initiatives.

We are but one link in a global chain of eco-certified manufacturers.

We are proud to be part of a broad and globe-spanning chain of sustainability partners who are united around one shared goal of creating positive change in the world, helping each other and supporting us on our sustainability journey.