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Style Stories

Get to know your interior-design style, so you can better imagine the space you’d like to create around your surface.


Modern Style

Less is More

This design style regards simplicity as superior to ornamentation, with its motto of “form follows function.”


Traditional Style

A Lasting Masterpiece

This design style is all about visual richness and an assortment of items arranged in delightful artistry.

transitional kitchen

Transitional Style

Classic Meets Modern

This design style blends classic and modern to celebrate the harmony of both.

farmhouse kitchen and dining room

Farmhouse Style

Live simple

This design style combines modest comfort and classic elegance for a rustic look that is simplified and functional.


Nordic Style

A Pursuit of Geometric Purity

This design style is clean-cut and reserved to enhance functional without sacrificing beauty.


Industrial Style

Bare and Exposed, but Polished

This design style celebrates the rough, matured, weathered, and unfinished look that is simultaneously cohesive and chic.

Eclectic 1. Spaces

Eclectic Style

Freedom of Thought

This design style showcases a collection of influences across time and space.

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