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Traditional Style: A Lasting Masterpiece

This design style is all about visual richness and an assortment of items
arranged in delightful artistry.

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5143_White Attica
Traditional 1. Spaces- Kitchen
Traditional 3. Complementary accessories whiskey decanter
Traditional materials Solid wood
Traditional materials velve

What is the Traditional Design Style

Originating in the early 20th-century and influenced by European estates, traditional design style is one of splendor, detail, and luxury.

Often referred to as Classic, spaces designed in traditional style are full of romantic touches of carefully chosen accessories that lend a dramatic depth.

Meticulous and mature, this design style is characterized by visual richness, ripe with multiple items and lush textures that blend together for a picture-perfect impression.

Typical Colors

The typical traditional color palette combines flashes of gold with and neutral, creamy shades of light beige, delicate touches of black, rich burgundy, soft greys, and blues light and royal hues.

  • Light Blue

  • Beige

  • Black

  • Burgundy

  • Gold

  • Grey

Matching Materials

The traditional style calls for gold and copper accents, solid woods, brocades, chintz, and damask, as intricately printed fabrics create a vibrant visual.

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  • Traditional materials velve
  • Traditional materials Solid wood
  • Traditional materials Glass fronted display cabinet
  • Traditional materials crystal
  • Traditional materials Gold _ copper accents

Colors for Traditional style

Recommended surfaces that are a perfect fit

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Suggested Décor

Crystal chandeliers and elaborately carved woodwork create the traditional space’s stately atmosphere, decorated with large, lavish, and comfort-inspiring elements, glass-fronted display cabinets, and stylized cornices that highlight walls with the ceiling.

  • Traditional 3. Complementary accessories chair
  • Traditional 3. Complementary accessories whiskey decanter
  • Traditional 3. Complementary accessories table
  • Traditional-Q9-Desktop-7068
4011 Cloudburst_Concrete

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