CaesarStone announces new recycled color: Spring Blossom.

Van Nuys, CA (October 26, 2010): CaesarStone is pleased to announce the newest color in the Environment First collection: Spring Blossom. This light and airy hue is made of recycled remnants from fabrication facilities. Spring Blossom consists of worldwide best selling colors Blizzard, Concrete, Absolute Noir and Sandalwood. At CaesarStone, minimizing our impact on the environment is a top priority. Guarding the wellbeing of our customers and our employees goes hand in hand with preserving the environment and ensuring a brighter future for the next generation. Between producing the highest quality Recycled Collection with the lowest environmental impact and manufacturing in the least detrimental way, we always keep the Environment First.

At CaesarStone we have a clear-cut agenda when it comes to the environment. It consists of the following: Commit to production processes that minimize environmental impact. Develop products that support healthier environments and better use of resources. And finally, comply with voluntary safety and environmental standards and criteria. In order to achieve these results we set clear objectives to maintain safety standards and minimize the environmental impact of our production.

CaesarStone recycles 97% of water used in the production process. 80% of industrial waste produced through the manufacturing process is recycled, diverting waste from the landfill and reducing soil pollution. 100% of the polymers that CaesarStone uses are delivered in reusable iso tanks. 100% of the boxes used to pack CaesarStone samples are made of recycled content. CaesarStone uses an RTO (Regeneration Thermal Oxydizer) system to dispose of harmful gasses.

Aside from what we do, who we are is a big aid to the environment. Our non-porous, surfaces -inhibit the growth of mildew and bacteria thus creating a hygienic surface and less harm to the environment. Our surfaces require minimal maintenance and significantly reduce the need for toxins such as harmful sealants and cleaning products. Our quartz surfaces are long-lasting and durable, delivering both an improved lifecycle cost and additional investment value. CaesarStone products are supported by a Residential Lifetime Warranty meaning you won’t need to replace them and add to landfills. CaesarStone quartz surfaces meet stringent product emission standards and have very little impact on indoor air quality. All CaesarStone quartz products are independently certified by Greenguard Environmental Institute as low emitting surfaces.

CaesarStone at its very core is an environmental company with an environmentally conscious structure in place. We believe that helping this planet starts with what you are producing and ends with what you are wasting. We try to produce the best and reduce waste by giving products the strength to last a lifetime.

About CaesarStone
CaesarStone is the original quartz countertops & surfaces manufacturer. The company is headquartered in Southern California with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle Miami, New York, Atlanta, St. Louis and Dallas. CaesarStone produces premium quartz countertops & surfaces, complementing any design application, from traditional to contemporary, for both home and commercial applications. CaesarStone products are available through kitchen and bath retailers, fabricators, architects, designers, builders and distributors nationwide.

Offering a Residential Lifetime Warranty, CaesarStone countertops and surfaces are nonporous, stain, scratch and heat resistant. CaesarStone has earned the respected Good Housekeeping Seal from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute and is in compliance with stringent international environmental standards including ISO 14001 (environmental management system), ISO 9002 (quality management standard), and NSF (public health and safety). A sustainable material, CaesarStone is GREENGUARD certified and is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

For more information about CaesarStone and its products, please visit the company’s website at, or call toll-free 877-9QUARTZ (877-978-2789).