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Quartz Benefits

Stain Resistant
Virtually worry-free surfaces. Acids such as lemon juice have no effect and can be cleaned with soap and water. Red wine stains are removed with bleach gel. Nail polish is easily removed with acetone. Normal daily use won’t affect your countertop.
Nonporous, No Sealing Required
Caesarstone requires little maintenance and never needs sealing because it’s resilient and nonporous. Natural stone, like marble, requires multiple sealant treatments to maintain luster.
Chemical Resistant
Your countertop can resist most chemicals like acetone, iodine and mineral spirits. We’d recommend avoiding contact with oven cleaners, grill cleaners and other abrasive products.
Mold & Mildew Resistant
Since Caesarstone is nonporous and prevents growth of harmful mold, mildew and bacteria.
Scratch Resistant
This durable surface is resistant to scratches (although we always recommend using a cutting board).
Heat Resistant
Although we recommend using trivets or hot pads for hot pots and pans, your countertop can tolerate brief exposures to moderately hot temperatures.
Low Maintenance
Caesarstone can be maintained without the use of harsh cleaning agents and in most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent are all that are required to clean your countertop.

Occasional cleansing with products like Soft Scrub® Liquid Gel with Bleach is recommended. Honed, Textured, and Motivo finishes require more daily maintenance.
Caesarstone Design Samples
Choose up to four 2x7 samples of any of the vast range of Caesarstone designs and for a small shipping fee, we will send them to you along with a large sheet/s of the same color to help you better visualize how the quartz surface will look in your home. Learn More
Click the icon to add up to 4 samples to your kit. A flat $30 shipping fee will apply to each kit.

If you are a Caesarstone trade partner, please call your local Caesarstone representative or call 877.978.2789 to order samples. Order Now