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Reading: Pantry Inspiration: 11 Inspirations for Upgrading a Kitchen Pantry’s Look

Pantry Inspiration: 11 Inspirations for Upgrading a Kitchen Pantry’s Look

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The pantry is one of the most essential parts of a kitchen. Unfortunately, it is often neglected. Many pantries are located in dark and inaccessible corners, making it hard to grab essential cooking ingredients. It can be disheartening to cook in a kitchen with a disorganized and neglected pantry. In kitchen pantries with a counter, it’s common for clutter to pile up on the surface rather than items consistently being placed back where they belong. Fortunately, with a bit of pantry inspiration revamping a pantry counter is not as difficult as it seems. With just a few logical inspirations, it’s possible to give a pantry counter a new look on a budget.  

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Here are some pantry inspirations for bringing a new look to a pantry counter. 

  1. Switch up the pantry countertop 

In older homes, kitchen countertops often require repair or even replacement. Changing the pantry counter will not only spruce up the space but also offer an opportunity to switch to a non-porous countertop. Contrary to what many assume, quality countertop materials don’t have to be expensive. To the contrary, Caesarstone quartz countertops are available at various price points. 

  1. Clear all clutter off the pantry counter 

Regardless of how fantastic a kitchen pantry with a counter may be, cluttering the counter diminishes the look of the entire space. Start by clearing all mess from the pantry counter. All small appliances, cooking ingredients, spices, and even snacks should be stacked inside the cabinets. This leaves room for cooking preparation. Remove all unwanted or outdated foods, items that don’t belong in the kitchen and donate all appliances that are no longer in use. Removing clutter from the pantry counter also reduces the chances of accidents. Use accents such as a beautiful oil decanter that serves both a decorative and functional purpose, a decorative fruit bowl, or even a kitchen cart if extra storage is needed.  

  1. Use customized jars and cans  

Using custom made jars and cans to store food as opposed to the original packaging is a space saver and improves the aesthetic of the pantry. Arranging each item is simpler if they are stored in uniform containers on the pantry counter or on shelves. It’s important to also clearly label everything and include the expiry date on the back or bottom of each jar. 

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  1. Disguised storage  

Storage does not have to be boring. Paint or wallpaper cabinet doors to disguise the pantry items stored behind each. The pantry door can also be painted with a color that matches the home’s aesthetic.  

  1. Use bold colors 

Bold colors are perfect for small spaces. They add vibrancy to a space and could elevate the pantry to a focal point of the room rather than a forgotten corner.  

  1. Switch up the lighting 

No matter the design changes in the pantry, the space will still be dull without the right lighting. Choose lights that suit the space. This doesn’t have to mean buying new fixtures. Use the old fixtures and paint them to match the new aesthetic or add character with pendants or even a statement chandelier.  

  1. Incorporate décor details 

A pantry is a food storage space but it can also be beautiful. Incorporate décor accents such as flowers and artwork. To make the space colourful, use vibrant containers or even gold hardware pulls.  

  1. Take advantage of all available space 

As long as they are not dangerously placed, take advantage of all available space in the kitchen to store ingredients and cooking tools. For instance, stack spices in easily accessible shelves, store food beneath the island, or even hang cookware on the walls. Remember not to obstruct pathways or place the items in a way that poses danger. This will help keep the pantry organized, even in a limited space. 

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  1. Change the backsplash 

Installing a new backsplash redefines the pantry counter space. When choosing a backsplash material, select durable, easy to clean and low maintenance materials. Be sure to cover the entire area beneath the upper cabinets. To make a statement, extend the backsplash to the ceiling. There are a wide variety of backsplash options to fit any style. 

  1. Consider open shelves   

While many people shy away from open shelves, they can be very convenient. At a glance, it’s easy to see what’s in the pantry, quickly find what is needed, and take note of what needs to be refilled. And when strategically arranged, they can bring a neat and modern look to the space. 

  1. Use contact paper to achieve a marbled look 

For a marbled pantry counter on a budget, contact paper is a wise yet cost effective trick. There is a wide range of realistic and attractive contact paper varieties at affordable prices. However, this could be a temporary look as contact paper is not durable. But for a quick (and renter-friendly) fix, it can be useful. However, for more durable countertop materials, consider a longer lasting and affordable material such as Caesarstone quartz.