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Reading: The Fabrication Series: Meet Your Project Manager

The Fabrication Series: Meet Your Project Manager

2 min read

The first installment of our Fabrication Series gave you an overview of each professional involved in the quartz countertop fabrication process. If you missed it, start here. In part two, we’ll be delving into the role of the Project Manager and what you need to know before a templating appointment. Read on to learn more about making your quartz countertop installation a smooth one. 

Prepare Your Space 

Before the Project Manager arrives to assess and measure the space for templating, you must complete a few preparatory tasks. 

  • All electrical and plumbing must be complete.  
  • Sinks and appliances must be onsite but uninstalled to provide the project manager with access to all countertop edges.  
  • To protect your belongings and provide an uncluttered workspace, all top-level cabinets and directly under the sink should be cleared before the visit.  
  • Finally, remove existing countertops and have base cabinets permanently installed and aligned. 

Templating Challenges 

Every home and kitchen will have its unique challenges, but older homes may pose more interesting difficulties. Floors may not be level, walls may not be smooth, and there may be oddly shaped nooks. Though you likely want to preserve the vintage charm of the home, hiring a contractor to correct these issues is an excellent way to set up your quartz countertop installation for success. 

Design Considerations 

Before the home visit, discuss design considerations with your Project Manager or Fabricator. Your lifestyle, personal preferences, and budget will determine your backsplash and countertop edge selections. Explore our blog for backsplash installation tips and selecting the best countertop edge style for your home. 

Sign Off 

After taking all measurements, the Project Manager will provide you with the final slab quantity required and create the template for your quartz countertop installation. As the homeowner, you must be present for the templating appointment to sign off on all measurements. 

By working closely with your Project Manager and carefully preparing the space for their visit, you’re setting up the whole team of professionals for success. This concludes the second chapter in our fabrication series. Stay tuned for our next chapter, Installation Day.