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Reading: Our Commitment to Sustainable Surfaces

Our Commitment to Sustainable Surfaces

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Establishing and maintaining our Environmental Commitment is not something we take lightly. As part of our sustainability leadership, Caesarstone has been certified by leading sustainability organizations like GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD and USGBC. These designations attest to the strict indoor air emission standards our surfaces live up to and the certifications our products have received for use in LEED v3 and LEED v4 projects. Beyond certifications, we use recycled materials like mirrors and glass in several of our surfaces. 

Sustainability First 

At a time when reducing waste and living more sustainably is top of mind for so many, every industry should reevaluate what they’re doing and how they could be contributing more to mitigating their impact on the world’s resources. With clients searching for more sensitive ways to complete their build, it’s important to present them with eco-conscious options. As a company so inspired by the beauty of the Earth, we’ve always made sustainability a top priority. 

Caesarstone’s VP of Marketing, Elizabeth Margles shares, “From the very beginning of our product design through production and installation, Caesarstone has the environment in mind and does everything in the company’s power to protect our planet’s precious resources for generations to come.”  

Naturally the Best 

Since 1987, Caesarstone has been producing the ultimate surface. Taking minerals found abundantly on almost every continent, we’re able to create a surface that looks like natural stone but is much harder and more sustainable. The nonporous surface is easy to clean and difficult to stain.Never requiring resealing or harsh cleaning products, quartz surfaces are the obvious choice for many customers simply for the ease of upkeep and long warranties ranging from 10 years for outdoor surfaces to a lifetime for indoor surfaces. In turn, these qualities also reduce their footprint by minimizing the chemicals used in their home or business and guaranteeing no need to replace the countertops for at least a decade. 

Choosing Mindfully 

When planning a new build, many architects, designers and builders are now making an effort to select sustainably produced materials that are built to last longer. Mindful Materials is an incredible resource for anyone in the building industry. Find the most up-to-date information on human health and environmental impacts from building materials and explore their exhaustive library of sustainable products. 

Each product listed on the platform is vetted by professionals to make finding the optimal materials for each project a simpler and more transparent process. Caesarstone is proud to be listed in the mindful materials library as a leading manufacturer of surfaces optimized for the environment. 

Engineered for Our Planet 

Beginning in our state-of-the-art facilities, our production process is rigorously scrutinized from inspecting the raw materials to approving the final product. Our highly skilled staff blend the raw quartz minerals with pigments and polymer resins to form our durable slabs of engineered stone. Each slab is pressed, kiln-cured, heated to 90°C for 45 minutes, then gauged, calibrated and polished to perfection. As we work to not just meet the current standards but exceed them, each slab receives a final quality check before being shipped out. We strive to lead the industry in eco-efficiency and keep the environment top of mind from the very beginning. 


Enduring Design 

Timeless not only for their durability, Caesarstone surfaces ride the line between classic and of the moment. A lot of unnecessary waste is caused by consumers choosing to update their kitchen surfaces simply because the style looks dated or no longer suits their aesthetic. The everlasting designs of Caesarstone surfaces remain free of stains or scratches and look fresh and current for many years after installation. Explore more on our sustainability commitment and our wide range of surfaces designed to mesh with different styles in our 2021 brochure. The natural putty and taupe tones of 5222 Adamina from our new Whitelight Collection make for the perfect timeless neutral while 515 Palm Shade’s white base and earthy refinement makes a beautiful statement piece with increased durability as part of our recently launched Outdoor Collection

Sustainable and Inspired by Nature 

Find more on our design and manufacturing process at Metropolis Magazine and get inspired with our gallery. For more information on our products, please contact your Sales Representative today.