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Reading: Design Inspiration: Add a Dash of Panache With a Backsplash

Design Inspiration: Add a Dash of Panache With a Backsplash

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A solid, natural stone backsplash is a striking way to insert some plush functionality into your kitchen or bathroom—and luckily, this look can be accomplished via a non-plush price. Available in a variety of finishes that resemble natural stone, quartz surfaces don’t require the hefty budget or tedious maintenance of other surfaces. As your partner in design, we have compiled a list of the many benefits of protective quartz wall panels, as well as a gallery of sample kitchens featuring unique backsplashes, providing some inspiration for your next renovation or building project.

Backsplash Benefits

Adding a backsplash is a simple way to elevate your kitchen or bathroom design, but it’s a practical addition as well. A quartz backsplash:

  • Adds equipoising character or seamlessly harmonizes with countertops and cabinets to achieve a look that is all your own, allowing you to express your personality and create a backdrop that becomes the focal point of a space
  • Hides unsightly gaps that may be present when the wall and countertop are not squarely flush
  • Prevents pest infiltration
  • Provides a barrier, protecting walls and wallpaper from:
    • Stain risk
    • Odor absorption
    • Water penetration
    • Mold and mildew threat
  • Is easy to clean, requiring only a mild detergent and microfiber cloth

Design Inspo

There are endless ideas for backsplash designs, so we’ve gathered some of our favorites to get you motivated.

Reminiscent of the medley of grain colors found in wild rice, this matching backsplash and countertop draw the eye, creating depth and drama in this sleek, cream and white kitchen.

Pure White

In this neutral kitchen, the white geometric tile design adds a touch of whimsy to a minimalistic style, imbuing a quirky, playful vibe.


The intriguing patinas of casting and oxidizing simulate a weathered feel in this countertop and backsplash, providing movement that juxtaposes beautifully with the muted, natural aesthetic.


The soft grey and off-while splotches and darker veils of grey and brown that traverse the cool grey base of this countertop and backsplash echo the character of concrete, stunningly offsetting the raw wood tones of the cabinetry, melding industrial design with nature for modern appeal.

SF Showcase House – Statuario Maximus

With broad, warm grey veins and delicately shaded background veins sweeping across the surface’s soft white base color, the luxurious look and feel of this classic, marble-like bathroom sink and backsplash epitomize opulent glamour.

Pump Up the Wow Factor

For an eye-catching quartz backsplash surface that elevates design while delivering practical functionality, turn to Caesarstone. We can help you create a jaw-dropping bathroom or kitchen backsplash without a jaw-dropping price. From styles that range from traditional to Scandinavian, from rustic to mid-century modern, and everything in between, there’s a quality crafted Caesarstone quartz surface to complement any design aesthetic.

To view the Caesarstone collections, click here.