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Reading: Countertops In Austin: How To Choose A Material

Countertops In Austin: How To Choose A Material

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Looking for countertops in Austin, Texas? America’s fastest-growing large city offers many options, making it tricky to find the best one. In this post, we’ll give you all the information you need to make an educated choice.

We’ll look at each of the most popular countertops materials and how they fit in with the lifestyle enjoyed by many in the Live Music Capital of the World.

Popular Materials for Countertops in Austin

Black Tempal 5810

Granite Countertops in Austin

For decades, granite was the most popular countertop material. Experts agree, however, that this is no longer the case. Granite’s flaws have become quite apparent over time, with better materials eclipsing it in terms of quality and value.

Granite’s primary issues are that it is porous and requires frequent resealing. If you don’t maintain granite countertops, they’ll accumulate stains that are expensive to remove.

Up until recently, granite was still the material of choice for outdoor countertops. Many types of quartz behave unpredictably (i.e. fade) under harsh UV light, which is, of course, prevalent in Austin, Texas.

That all changes with the launch of our OUTDOOR collection, however. Colors from that lineup are well-suited to withstand the UV light and heat that can damage other quartz surfaces.

Laminate Countertops in Austin

Laminate countertops in Austin are popular for one reason only: they’re cheap. Laminate countertops are made by bonding sheets of plastic to a particleboard center. This design is susceptible to many types of damage, including warping, chipping, and cracking around the edges.

Appearance-wise, laminate looks very dated and cheap. Manufacturers attempt to fashion laminate in a way that mimics more luxurious materials by printing patterns on its topmost surface. This results in a very two-dimensional look that doesn’t fool anybody.

Given laminate’s inferiority, it can negatively impact your home’s resale value – even in Austin’s red-hot housing market.

If your budget precludes you from buying a stone slab for your countertop, take a look at Transform by Caesarstone. It’s a countertop resurfacing product that caps your existing countertops with a thin piece of quartz. This can help you reduce your costs while still getting a premium surface.

Butcher’s Block Countertops in Austin

Known for their rustic charm that is very much in keeping with the Texas aesthetic, butcher’s block countertops in Austin are very unique. Unfortunately, they’re also very impractical.

Butcher’s block countertops, which are made from wood, scratch, grow mold, and stain remarkably easily. They also pose hygiene risks, given how easily wood soaks up liquids and bacteria.

As with granite, taking care of butcher’s block countertops means resealing them, which can prove quite costly in the long run.

Lastly, while butcher’s block countertops do have their loyal fanbase, they’re not as universally popular as something like quartz. Smart buyers use them sparingly, on pieces such as kitchen islands, while using quartz for their main countertops.

Quartz Countertops in Austin: Your Best Option

 Piatto Black 3101

We’ve mentioned quartz countertops in Austin a few times now. Experts consider them to be the best all-around option for kitchens and bathrooms. You can read about that in great detail in our quartz countertops benefits article but we’ll give you a quick overview here.

Low Maintenance

Unlike most types of natural stone, quartz never needs to be resealed. If you get quartz with a polished finish (read more about the finish options here), maintenance can also be very minimal. Even the finishes that require more maintenance (namely, Honed and Rough) are easier to handle than granite.

With regular cleaning and common-sense preventative measures, your quartz countertops should easily last you a lifetime.


While quartz requires less maintenance than natural stone, it sacrifices none of the beauty. Interior designers love Caesarstone quartz given how versatile it is. Quartz looks great in bathrooms, kitchens, butler’s pantries, and more.

More Options

No countertop comes in as many colors and patterns as quartz. This is thanks to the material’s composition. Our countertops contain roughly 90% loose quartz, combined with resins and pigments. This allows us to create quartz that resembles marbleconcrete, and many other materials. If you’re not looking to emulate another material, that’s fine too. Our quartz comes in a variety of unique styles that can complement any kitchen or bathroom.


Quartz is not porous. This makes it more resistant to staining than many other types of countertops, such as those made from granite. Quartz also ranks higher than granite on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it harder to scratch and crack.

The only area in which granite has quartz beat is heat resistance. However, quartz still offers more than enough heat-resistance for the temperatures you’re likely to achieve in the kitchen.

Increased Home Value

All of these factors combine to make quartz the most popular countertop material in the world. Given how rapidly our designers at Caesarstone continue to innovate with quartz, this is unlikely to change in the future.

While there are many factors contributing to home resale value, quartz is a very safe bet. Many experts have described quartz as a very smart addition to kitchens given how positively it tends to impact resale value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get countertops in Austin?

We invite you to enter your ZIP code into our dealer locator tool. There are many locations that carry Caesarstone quartz in Austin, Texas. If you’d like to experiment with our surfaces to get an idea of what speaks to you before you head to a location, visit our kitchen visualizer.

How much are overlays for countertops in Austin?

You can also find pricing information for Transform by Caesarstone by contacting the stores listed above via our dealer locator tool. You can also order samples here.

Which countertop is the most durable?

Quartz is the all-around most durable countertop. It is nonporous, meaning it won’t stain as easily as other materials like granite. Quartz is also harder than granite and offers plenty of heat resistance.

How much does it cost to replace a kitchen countertop in Austin?

Quartz countertops cost, on average, between $50 and $100+ per square foot.

Things To Do In Austin

After you’ve completed your kitchen renovation, it’s time to get out and enjoy all the city has to offer. Here are some of the most popular activities in Austin.

Catch a Show in the Live Music Capital of the World

Austin, Texas is a popular touring spot for musical acts all over the world. Some of the best music venues in Austin include:

Kayak in the Colorado River

While kayaking in the Colorado River, you’ll be able to gaze upon some of the most luxurious homes in the state, which line the shore. If kayaking isn’t really your thing, you can still enjoy charming views of the Colorado River via nearby Mt. Bonnell.

Visit Moody Theater

Moody Theater is best known as the venue for Austin City Limits Live, a historical television show. The venue hosts roughly 100 concerts of all types per year, meaning you’re certain to find a show of your liking.

O. Henry House Museum

The O. Henry Museum offers a look at the life of William Sydney Porter (aka O. Henry), who lived there in the 1880s. Visitors are invited to take part in self-guided tours aided by text panels.

Drive Through Greater Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is one of the most beautiful regions of the country. It is known for containing limestone and granite hills as high as 500 feet, hence its name. Check out this post for a great look at the seven most scenic routes in the area.

Visit The Texas State Capitol

If you’re a historical and/or political junkie, you’ll certainly enjoy visiting the Texas State Capitol. It’s easily one of Austin’s most iconic buildings, featuring a dome second in size only to that of the nation’s Capitol in Washington.

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