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Reading: Caesarstone’s Future Kitchen exhibited at WantedDesign Manhattan for NYCxDesign

Caesarstone’s Future Kitchen exhibited at WantedDesign Manhattan for NYCxDesign

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Introducing the kitchen version of the circle of life, Caesarstone’s Future Kitchen exhibited at WantedDesign Manhattan for NYCxDesign in May 2017.

To celebrate Caesarstone’s 30th anniversary, Pratt Institute industrial design graduate and undergraduate students were tasted to devise what a kitchen might look like in the year 2050. We are inspired by their ingenuity and foresight:

  • An elevated fire pit is at the center of the circular kitchen allowing for interactive cooking, while bringing a sense of community to the space.
  • The countertops take on a classic-yet-modern aesthetic with Statuario Nuvo, Raven and Fresh Concrete offering a sleek and low maintenance food prep surface and complimenting the glass and stainless steel features.
  • The kitchen includes a water filtration system where runoff is used to cultivate your own garden as it also cools the refrigerator located at the bottom of the unit.
  • The waste disposal system allows for food scraps to become compost to feed the indoor farming area.
  • Storage is ample throughout, and the retractable eating table is compact, functional and beautiful.

“It’s important for Caesarstone to not rest on our laurels,” explains Erika Egede-Nissen, Caesarstone’s director of brand marketing. “We want to keep pushing the envelope and challenging ourselves. We’re always looking to come up with innovative ways to envision quartz.”

The Future Kitchen is an experiment in how nature and technology work together to create a self-sustaining space that operates through aquaponics, hydroponics, 3D printing, water filtration, indoor farming, composting and food storage.

Caesarstone plays an important role in transforming the kitchen in aesthetic appeal and functionality today and in the kitchen of the future. “We have found that Caesarstone will stand the test of time,” said Marc Thorpe, visiting assistant professor of Industrial Design at PRATT and founder of Marc Thorpe Design.

Future Kitchen
(a Caesarstone and Pratt Institute collaboration)
WantedDesign Manhattan
269 11th Avenue
New York, NY 1000

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