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Reading: HouseBeautiful - Kitchen of the Year

HouseBeautiful - Kitchen of the Year

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House Beautiful, in partnership with Jon de la Cruz and Caesarstone, created a sensational kitchen at the San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Located in the exquisite neighborhood of Pacific Heights in San Francisco, the 10th annual Kitchen of the Year garnered meaningful interactions with a qualified consumer audience for our valued sponsors and partners.

“Designing an organized and functional space to accommodate a large, active family drove my vision—inevitably, this is where they will all gather”

“I wanted to create a sense of timelessness in the kitchen with custom casework and top-quality finishes so it will remain vibrant and relevant as the family grows over the years, and of course, it features top-of-the-line modern appliances. The finished kitchen is beautiful and unique, just like the family that will use it every day.”

-Jon de la Cruz

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