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Reading: 13 Vintage Mid-Century Modern Quartz Countertops Kitchen Ideas 

13 Vintage Mid-Century Modern Quartz Countertops Kitchen Ideas 

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Creating a beautiful kitchen with a warm, comforting feel is a top priority for most homeowners. Whether selecting the mid-century modern quartz countertops, cabinetry, appliances, or other kitchen elements, many homeowners enjoy the process of designing their kitchen space.

Today, homeowners have a wide variety of kitchen design ideas to choose from. These include modern, contemporary, and vintage designs. One of the kitchen designs that has real staying power is the vintage mid-century modern kitchen. This popular design suits most kitchen spaces and features colorful appliances, retro accessories, and patterned countertops.

6011 Intense White

Here are 13 mid-century modern kitchen ideas. 

  1. Bold color combinations  

Homeowners can never go wrong with bold color combinations. In fact, bold kitchen cabinetry pairs well with neutral mid-century modern quartz countertops. For instance, a classic combination is blue cabinetry and black countertops, such as Caesarstone’s 5810 Black Tempal.

  1. Add a playful vibe 

With vintage elements and captivating colors, homeowners can achieve a perfect balance in their vintage mid-century modern kitchen. The key to achieving a playful feel is incorporating neutral colors, and then adding colourful elements that pop.

Lay the foundation for your vintage mid-century modern kitchen with neutral quartz countertops. For instance, hues of grey like 1002 Wyndigo or browns such as 6338 Woodlands are great choices. To achieve a captivating look, homeowners can add upbeat details in the kitchen, such as brightly-colored ceramics, abstract paintings and glass decanters.

  1. Go for built-in cabinets 

Built-in cabinets were, and still are, common in vintage kitchens. While many of today’s contemporary kitchens feature open shelving, homeowners looking for mid-century modern designs can opt for built-in cabinets with door pulls. Wood is a popular choice for this style of cabinet, and is a great option for homeowners looking to achieve a rustic vibe.

  1. Pair modern and vintage appliances 

While there are plenty of modern appliances available on the market, there are some vintage pieces that can work splendidly when designing a mid-century modern kitchen. Homeowners who want to achieve this look can experiment with appliances that have a vintage appeal, characterized by their clean lines, muted tones and bright colors.

6600 Nougat
  1. Add retro elements in the kitchen 

Adding retro elements in the kitchen is a great way to achieve a vintage mid-century modern kitchen look. For instance, a unique wall clock or a charming kitchen timer are great retro elements that homeowners can incorporate into their space. Pair with a counter surface like 6011 Intense White, and homeowners are sure to create a unique and captivating mid-century modern kitchen design.

  1. Use recycled items to spruce up the space 

Instead of throwing out their old items, homeowners can repurpose or upcycle their vintage objects to breathe new life into their mid-century modern kitchen. For instance, an antique desk can be used to hold a wide spectrum of objects including cups, utensils and other small kitchen tools.

  1. Use white mid-century modern quartz countertops to create contrast 

A vintage mid-century modern kitchen is characterized by its bold accents. When paired with neutral kitchen countertops such as white, the result is a striking contrast. Since white pairs well with most other elements, homeowners can’t go wrong with this go-to countertop pick.

White Caesarstone quartz countertops such as the veined 5031 Statuario Maximus or the speckled 6600 Nougat contrast perfectly with vintage mid-century modern light pendants and create a bright and crisp look in the kitchen space.

  1. Add vintage countertop accessories 

Vintage countertop accessories such as a rustic spice rack work well in a mid-century modern kitchen. Luckily, there are a wide variety of vintage accessories available online or in select stores, such as antique shops.

  1. Play around with nature 

Playing around with nature is a great way to breathe life into a mid-century modern kitchen design. Wood cabinetry and some nature-inspired artwork, coupled with a medium-sized house plant, can soften harsh lines in the kitchen.

  1. Go simple with beige 

This color creates a serene and clean space, especially when balanced with other shades of brown or black. Homeowners can add neutral-colored decor pieces and soft mid-century modern light pendants to complete the look.

Homeowners interested in a beige countertop should choose a color like 5220 Dreamy Marfil.

5101 Empira Black
  1. Experiment with shapes 

Homeowners who are looking for mid-century modern kitchen design ideas can play around with shapes to achieve the perfect balance. For instance, tulip chairs and bar stools are a simple way to achieve a mid-century theme. When paired with a black island countertop like 5101 Empira Black, the result is a balanced look that will complete the feel of the kitchen space.

  1. Add a patterned rug 

For a warm feel and look, a patterned rug situated between the cooking area and the kitchen island creates a picture-perfect mid-century kitchen. A focus on color-blocking, floral designs and geometric patterns is key to achieve this desired aesthetic.

  1. Go for wood paneling 

Lastly, wood paneling is a great way to achieve vintage undertones in a mid-century modern kitchen. Homeowners can also paint their wood panels, to create a unique kitchen look that is chock-full of intrigue.