Latest Kitchen Countertop Trends


Lasting Trends in Kitchen Countertops

As the heart of the home, the kitchen countertop is becoming a more creative place to gather, and not just to eat. Some design professionals say the kitchen is the new family room.

Lasting Trends in Kitchen Countertops

As the heart of the home, the kitchen countertop is becoming a more creative place to gather, and not just to eat. Some design professionals say the kitchen is the new family room.
One of the most important aspects of modern kitchen countertop design is deciding on color, style, texture and shape of the kitchen countertops, including the kitchen island. Because Caesarstone is built for life, it’s important to consider timeless trends when choosing your kitchen surfaces.


Quartz kitchen countertops are versatile, durable, easy to maintain, and are available in a variety of unique contemporary and traditional looks. Caesarstone quartz surfaces are nonporous and resistant to heat, spills and scratches, making them ideal for families and those who cook often. Quartz never needs to be sealed and can easily be cleaned with warm soap and water, and a soft cloth; however, some finishes outside of the Polished finish require additional attention.
Available in an assortment of colors and patterns, quartz kitchen countertops can create a custom feel to any kitchen, adding to the intimacy of the kitchen countertop.


Another way to add personality to your room is to play with textures. Varying finishes add another splash of diversity within the whole. Incorporating three or fewer textures should keep the space simple enough to maintain subtlety and balance. Country Living suggests that you “incorporate timeless texture such as millwork and wainscoting” for a classic yet on-trend effect. Texture helps bring out your home’s personality.


While varying shades of white will always be popular, grey is showing up in more kitchens across the globe.  According to HGTV, leading manufacturers say that “grey is the shade they're betting on to break white's top spot.”
Also highly popular is the juxtaposition of black and white in the kitchen. Pairing these contrasts in cabinets and countertops, or countertops and appliances, offers a classic elegant look that never goes out of style. In addition, neutral tones have replaced the bolder colors over recent years. This serves to warm up a room, especially as natural light has become more common in architectural design. The Classico Collection from Caesarstone includes an array of colors to choose from, including all the muted neutrals and greys the HGTV list as trending in 2018.


Veining and other patterns are also a favorite trend for quartz kitchen countertop enthusiasts. The round particulate pattern of the past is taking a backseat to a more natural veined look. This creative visual adds character to the kitchen and can be designed to mimic a natural stone’s surface.
For an even more appealing option, Caesarstone’s Concetto Collection offers a colorful array of patterns with inlaid semiprecious stones, providing an exclusivity for those who desire a bolder statement or maybe even a conversation piece in their kitchen. For a subtler pattern, the Classico Collection also offers several popular veined or other natural stone patterns.

Mixed Materials

Another exciting trend for 2018 is the use of mixed materials on kitchen countertop surfaces. For example, a warm dark wood paired with a more muted natural quartz provides contrast without feeling too industrial. Another beautiful option is a gray wood backsplash against a gray quartz countertop, which creates a feeling of continuity with soft color tones but still offers the interest in contrasting materials. Pairing a beautiful Caesarstone quartz with a contrasting metal or a matching wood offers a uniquely modern feel to the family’s favorite room.

Solid Surface
Scratch Resistant
Stain Resistant
Heat Resistant
Resistant to many household chemicals, acids and solvents
Low Maintenance
Non Absorbent and Nonporous
Mold and Mildew Resistant
Color Consistency
Lifetime Warranty
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