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Reading: We’re So Confident in the Quality of Our Quartz Surfaces, We Warranty Them for Life

We’re So Confident in the Quality of Our Quartz Surfaces, We Warranty Them for Life

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Since their inception, warranties have given customers confidence in a range of products. From countertops to refrigerators, a product’s durability, effectiveness and longevity can be guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. Caesarstone recognizes the peace of mind such a policy can give, so all of our quartz surfaces are covered for life (barring some terms and conditions) when installed by a Certified Fabricator.

Your Caesarstone warranty takes effect when your new surfaces are installed, and it applies to products installed after February 15, 2008. Be sure to register your warranty within 30 days of installation to ensure your policy is up to date. If there is no record of your warranty, have receipts or an invoice on hand to provide proof of purchase. These should list the owner’s name, the authorized dealer and the name of the Caesarstone Certified Fabricator.

A Caesarstone lifetime warranty covers defects in any and all materials manufactured and installed by a Certified Fabricator. Once permanently installed in your home, failed material is guaranteed to be repaired or replaced. Caesarstone will evaluate the damage and ultimately decide if a repair will suffice or if a full replacement is necessary. Visit the Caesarstone website to submit your claim.

It’s possible for a warranty to not be applied if your product is used in a commercial location, as flooring, or is used improperly. Though special circumstances may allow a warranty to transfer parties, generally a warranty will only apply to the original owner and is limited to single-family homes. Additional exceptions may apply.

One of Caesarstone’s chief goals is to ensure your peace of mind. Once installed, you shouldn’t have to worry about your quartz for its entire lifetime in your home. NPR reports that the driving force behind warranties is just that: peace of mind. Caesarstone takes pride in leading the industry in quality and longevity, and feels a lifetime warranty conveys that standard of quality.

According to an analysis of customer perception from Yale, warranties reassure customers of both the quality and durability of products, especially products they aren’t experts on. Caesarstone has total confidence in the manufacturing process from selecting raw materials to the installation in your home.

Once it’s been selected and has passed rigorous quality inspection by our team of trained professionals, our quartz is blended at a 93% ratio with pigments and polymer resins before entering the manufacturing stage. The process is primarily automated, allowing for stringent quality of monitoring. By relying on a Certified Fabricator, our quartz is kept to the highest of standards all the way through the installation process. That means a guarantee of Caesarstone quality from start to finish.

Caesarstone quartz is nonporous, so there is no need to regularly seal or wax your countertops. Despite requiring minimal maintenance, it’s important to take care of quartz with regular cleaning to maintain the effectiveness of your warranty. Caesarstone offers a video with both guidelines and quick tips for proper maintenance. Be sure to maintain your surfaces according to the Caesarstone Care and Maintenance guidelines to ensure your warranty applies.

Visit Caesarstone’s warranty page for detailed terms, conditions and exclusions.