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Reading: The Fabrication Series: Meet Your Installer

The Fabrication Series: Meet Your Installer

3 min read

You’ve taken the time to select every detail, waited patiently as the Fabricator prepared your countertops, and now installation day has arrived. In the fourth part of The Fabrication Series, we’ll introduce you to the Installer and go over preparing your space for the arrival of the quartz slabs. If you missed the previous blogs in the series, you can view them here and check out this video for a full review of the quartz countertop fabrication process. 

Prepare the Area

Before your installation team arrives, you’ll need to clear their workspace of any clutter and items that could be in their way. This means having all plumbing and electrical complete, appliances installed, and top-level drawers must be empty. If each of these things is not complete, there could be a delay or even a change of installation date. Be sure to communicate with your Installer in advance to ensure you have the space prepared for the new countertops. Additionally, use Caesarstone’s Project Checklist resource on steps for preparing your space.

Rise to the Challenge

Even with the most careful planning and templating, unexpected challenges could come up on installation day. Make sure you are present to answer any questions your Installers may have while also leaving them space to work. Issues like an unlevel surface, walls that aren’t square, and imperfectly cut slabs are common and while they may cause you to worry, an experienced Installer will know how to tackle each one.

Shims can be used to level the countertop or reduce vibration through the surface, gaps can be filled with colour-matched epoxy, and slabs can be trimmed with a wet saw onsite.

Once each piece has been properly fitted, your installer will use silicone adhesive to permanently attach the countertops to the cabinets. At least two Installers will be required on-site as the slabs are too heavy for one person to lift safely. While some countertop materials need to rest for a few hours or days after installation, quartz can be used immediately afterward.

Take Care

You’ve put a lot of effort into selecting your beautiful new quartz countertop, now put in the time to take care of it. With simple, regular cleaning, and consistent use of cutting boards and trivets, your countertop will look brand new for many years to come. Explore our guide to Care & Maintenance to learn more. As well, don’t forget to register your new quartz countertop for Caesarstone’s lifetime warranty.