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Reading: Putting Design to Work with Inspiring Home Office Spaces

Putting Design to Work with Inspiring Home Office Spaces

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In a time when working from home has become the new norm for so many, making sure your office space fits your needs is a priority. A beautifully designed home office has been shown to improve productivity, creativity and mood!


House plants can have jobs too. Enriching your office with natural greenery and small, potted trees has been proven to not only improve air quality but also enhance quality of life. Beyond plants, incorporating natural elements like reclaimed wood help bring the outdoors in and create a more organic, welcoming environment for working.

1141 Pure White


Incorporating concepts of wellness design into your office is also key. Invest in health-focused furniture including adjustable standing desks and stability ball chairs that improve posture, relieve fatigue and increase productivity.


Lighting is a major key to enhancing mood and encouraging creativity, yet it’s often overlooked. Poor lighting causes fatigue and eyestrain that can lead to headaches, irritability and even depression. So, in addition to modern office lighting, ensure there’s ample natural light, along with adjustable window shades.


Check out this beautiful home office designed by Lisa Stone Design featuring our very own Blizzard!  Find a color that works for you. Explore the newest Caesarstone colors and order a sample of your favorite designs, and be sure to experiment with our online Visualizer.  And for more home office space tips, check out what HGTV has to offer here

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