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Reading: Kitchen of the Year

Kitchen of the Year

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A great beauty. A functional fusion. An inspired vision. This is House Beautiful Magazine’s 10th annual Kitchen of the Year!

With the title of “Kitchen of the Year”, you know this space is packed with innovative design, clever kitchen hacks, and tons of functionality. We’re proud to celebrate a decade of partnering with House Beautiful with this year’s amazing space, designed by Jon de la Crus of DLC-ID.

This 625 square-foot space with 12-foot ceilings is a chef’s dream. De la Cruz equipped the kitchen with multiple coolers, refrigerators, ovens, and sinks to maximize the space for restaurant-grade meals right at home.

Playing with old and new, the design seamlessly integrates the aged windows and vaulted architecture with patterns and rustic tones.

From the dramatic hood to the unique floor pattern to the elegant storage solutions, this truly is the kitchen of the year!