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Reading: Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2017

Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2017

2 min read

KBIS showcases the latest industry products, trends, and technologies. This year, we celebrated the sophisticated homeowner by creating an entire home right on the KBIS tradeshow floor. We’re excited to give you a tour of our home:

We start with the kitchen where our newest color, White Attica is the star of the show.

Our kitchen played host to numerous other stars including award-winning chef Andrew Wiseheart, popular blogging duo WannaBite, and Hugh Acheson, author of the James Beard award-winning cookbook and judge on Top Chef.

The trend this year is mixing unexpected materials such as quartz and wood – the blend of soft and hard inspired our dining room. Visitors enjoyed embracing their inner whimsical side with our coloring book for all ages.

The living room, featuring a stunning Concetto back-lit fireplace, was continuously lively with bands energizing the nightly cocktail parties and celebrities like Sabrina Soto from HGTV, Nigel Barker from America’s Top Model, inventive designer Matthew Quinn, and DIY Network’s Jason Cameron speaking about all things interior design, home décor, and on-trend innovations.

The Kitchen and Bath show would be nothing without the ‘bath’, so of course we had to show off a sleek bath design with Concrete and Pure White.

Can we also take a moment to ogle the beautiful, hand-painted uppers and colorful lowers?

Just beside the makers room, we find a transformative space with our new product: Transform by Caesarstone. Visitors had the chance to virtually experience a renovation with Transform by Caesarstone!

And finally, the bar to celebrate a successful KBIS!