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Reading: The Pros of Using Porcelain for Outdoor Countertops

The Pros of Using Porcelain for Outdoor Countertops

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Quartz and granite are usually the first materials that come to mind when talking about durability in countertops. On the contrary, porcelain has always been associated with delicate teacups and intricate china patterns – images of delicacy and frailty. 

Porcelain is a versatile material for kitchens and bathrooms and also a game changer for outdoor use. But can it withstand the wear and tear of exposure to the natural elements?

A Quick Look Into the History of Porcelain

It’s helpful to delve into porcelain’s rich history to better understand its unique features and overall aesthetic value. While its earliest versions date back to the Shang dynasty, its manufacturing methods only matured during the Tang dynasty. 

Porcelain is made by heating a mixture of powdered china stone (a feldspathic rock) and kaolin (white china clay) at over 2,650 Fahrenheit. The high temperature causes the feldspathic rock to become vitreous while the white china clay retains its shape.

Thanks to its obvious durability advantages over pottery, porcelain was quickly accepted as a practical material for plates, bowls, and tea sets. Its beautiful colors and graceful texture also made it an ideal decorative material. Finally, in imperial times, porcelain was used as decorative tiles at home because it offered durable and easy-to-clean surfaces.  

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Porcelain in Outdoor Applications: Is Porcelain Good for Outdoor Countertops? 

If you are looking for the perfect surfaces for your outdoor kitchen, porcelain countertops are definitely worth exploring. With its unique manufacturing process, this man-made material boasts not only remarkable durability and visual appeal but also excellent resistance to heat and water. That’s not all. 

Porcelain offers reliable performance in outdoor kitchens, thanks to these key properties: 

Durability and Hardness

One of the primary reasons to consider porcelain for your outdoor kitchen countertops is its exceptional durability. Porcelain can stand up to harsh conditions, including heat, light, and chemicals. After all, it’s known to be almost 30% stronger than the hardest granite. 

It’s also resistant to scratches, allowing you to slice food directly on its surface without worrying about damaging it. 

Heat and UV Resistance 

Porcelain’s resistance to high temperatures and UV rays is another standout feature. You can confidently place hot pans directly on its surface or install it near fire sources without fear of damage. You also won’t have to worry about direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight, resulting in color fading.

These make it not only a practical choice but also a convenient one, especially for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. 

Low Absorption Rate 

It’s also highly resistant to water, with a water absorption of less than 0.5%. This means any spills can be easily wiped off – even condiments with striking colors won’t stain it. With porcelain countertops, your outdoor kitchen work surfaces will remain pristine and resistant to stains and water damage, even after years of use. 

Excellent Cold Weather Performance 

Besides its standout performance against heat, porcelain can resist cracking in freezing temperatures and stay functional even during harsh winters. As it does not absorb water, it remains intact and does not succumb to frost and freeze-thaw cycles like some natural stones.  

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Caesarstone’s Take on Porcelain for Outdoor Use

Outdoor kitchen areas can be challenging to design. However, Caesarstone Porcelain’s manufacturing technology lets you enjoy the following features – and an elevated experience with your porcelain countertops.  

Stands Up to Daily Life 

Your Caesarstone Porcelain surfaces are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches and pressure, allowing them to stand up to high-volume use.

Turn Up the Heat 

Our porcelain countertops are no match for hot pots with its extreme heat resistance. Add its blend of natural ingredients, and you get an outdoor kitchen surface that resists UV exposure and performs well in outdoor environments. 

Forward Design 

Looking for a specific texture, a striking color scheme, or emphasized patterns? With Caesarstone Porcelain’s Honed or Ultra Rough finishes, you can take your beautifully designed kitchen countertops outdoors without worrying about its care or maintenance. 

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Embrace the Strength and Beauty of Porcelain in Your Outdoor Spaces with Caesarstone

Porcelain is a versatile material that defies the stereotype of fragility. Adding it to your outdoor spaces as kitchen countertops allows you to enjoy various benefits, from its durability and heat and UV resistance to its low water absorption rate and excellent cold weather performance. 

If you’re ready to bring the strength and beauty of porcelain to your outdoor kitchen or contemporary backyard, you’ll be delighted to know there’s an extensive porcelain countertops collection at Caesarstone. Feel free to browse our range of designs and discover how cutting-edge innovation can elevate your experience, one countertop surface at a time.