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Reading: How Heat Resistant is Quartz Countertop?

How Heat Resistant is Quartz Countertop?

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The kitchen is generally a home’s most popular room. By extension, it is also the busiest room. Yet, it can be the most dangerous space due to heat exposure. This brings the concern of maintaining countertops given the number of purposes they serve and give the risks they face with hot items, food spills and stains. 

A countertop can add to the aesthetics of a home. But how do you ensure durability given the hot items that may encounter the countertop? Keep reading for some pointers.  

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Considering a new kitchen countertop? Here’s why you should get a heat-resistant one. 

  • If a countertop is resistant to heat, it is more resistant to flames. Since most fires start in the kitchen, getting a fire-resistant countertop substantially reduces the chance of small fires spreading. 
  • Heat-resistant countertops are less susceptible to damage from malfunctioning kitchen equipment. For instance, if a slow-cooker spills or overturns, it is more likely to cause burns on a non-heat-resistant countertop. 
  • Heat-resistant countertops last longer and are not damage prone, saving you unnecessary costs in repairs or replacement. 

If you have been considering switching up your countertop, you have likely learned about quartz countertops in your research. With the wide variety of colors and designs, you’re sure to find something that matches the aesthetics of your home or kitchen. 

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Quartz countertops are heat resistant. But how much heat can it take? 

Are quartz countertops heat resistant? Yes but not heat proof! 

While a quartz countertop is heat resistant, it can be damaged if exposed to too much heat.  

Quartz countertops are made with up to 90% quartz. The rest of the material is pigments and resin. Since the resin can only withstand approximately 150 degrees, placing very hot materials such as a pan directly out of the oven will burn the countertop and cause permanent damage. 

Mistakes happen, so you may place a hot pan on your quartz countertop and see immediate scorch marks on your countertop, usually brown or yellow. This does not mean that the countertop is completely ruined. It is an indication of a resin burn, which professionals can usually – though not always – repair.  

You may also notice that moderately hot pans and pots may cause discoloration on your quartz countertop if left on the surface for long periods, which is why a hot pad or trivet should be used. 

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Here are some ways to prevent heat damage on your quartz countertop: 

  • Protect your quartz countertops from extreme heat with hot pads or trivets. While you know that placing a hot pot on your quartz countertop can ruin it, you can sometimes forget. For functionality, keep these protective items near the stove to avoid accidentally placing hot items on the countertops. 
  • Use coasters. While it is unlikely that tea and coffee mugs will burn through your quartz countertop, you do not want to risk it. Using coasters will protect your countertops from any burn and will help maintain them over time. 
  • Do not wait for spills to dry. Clean them immediately. Spills are normal, especially in the kitchen. While you may be tempted to finish your meal and wipe the spills later, you do not want to wait it out if the spill is on your quartz countertop. Be wary of acidic substances such as coffee, soda, wine and cooking oils. Wiping these spills before they dry ensures they don’t stick or stain. 
  • The type of countertop cleaner matters. For optimal maintenance of your quartz countertop, be selective with the type of cleaner you use. Warm, soapy water will do the trick. Alkaline high products like bleach, acidic cleaners like degreasers and glass cleaners can significantly harm your quartz countertop. 
  • The type of cleaning cloth also matters. Using an abrasive scouring pad will scratch the surface of your quartz countertop. For durability, use a soft cloth or sponge. Get a cutting board. It’s tempting to use a kitchen countertop as a cutting board. While the quartz countertop is strong, using it as a cutting board will leave unsightly cutting marks. 
  • You might want to rethink standing or sitting on your quartz countertop. While a quartz countertop is strong and durable, do not use it as a sitting or standing tool. 
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Quartz kitchen countertops are heat resistant and can protect against the spread of fire. However, extra caution should be taken as the countertops can get damaged from exposure to excess heat. Ensure you use heat protectors such as coasters, hot pads and trivets to protect the countertops from heat damage.