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Reading: Designing a White Kitchen with Blue Island 

Designing a White Kitchen with Blue Island 

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Creating an aesthetically pleasing kitchen is a top priority of many homeowners. Homeowners that are planning to revamp their kitchen can create an ambiance of sophistication by working with different hues and tones.

What could be a better choice than spicing up the kitchen with deep shades of navy blue hues?

A white kitchen cabinet with subtle interiors and a blue island can be a fascinating addition to amplify the ambiance of the space.

Homeowners can continue reading to learn how to boost their white kitchen’s visual appearance with a blue island.

5171 Arabetto Transitional kitchen
5171 Arabetto

Creating the perfect white kitchen with a blue island

An average white kitchen space can be transformed from ordinary to sensational by using the following tips:

Bold blue island with gold fittings

When it comes to designing a white kitchen blue island counters with gold fittings never go out of style! Incorporating gold fittings to the bold blue island makes the kitchen look gorgeous. The blend of vivid whites, bold blues, and luxurious golds is extremely effective, as it accentuates the overall appearance of the kitchen.

Homeowners can give a striking look to the kitchen interiors by pairing the gold fixtures with the blue island. Installing pendant lights over the blue island emits a warm glow to the overall ambiance. Homeowners can also make the overall kitchen decor neutral and highlight the gold fittings to the white cabinets with a bold blue island. Ultimately it gives an extra touch of glamour to the kitchen space.

Metallic details to the white kitchen

To improve their kitchen’s appearance, homeowners can add metallic details to the space. The metallic pop of colors complements all of the shades of blue and even enhances the white background. Adding metallic barstools and installing metallic pendant lights over the blue island will make the space accommodating and appear larger. 

When combined with a neutral white theme, the pop of navy blue color in the space makes the kitchen a perfect place to spend time in. Homeowners can also paint the cabinets blue and add unique metallic fixtures to them. Coordinating the metallic details with the rest of the white kitchen with blue island gives the overall space an enticing finish and cohesive appearance.

Blue cabinets and island counters

The blue cabinets and the blue island will give the kitchen a monochromatic look. However, homeowners can take this tried-and-true kitchen design to the next level by coordinating the blue cabinets and island with stark white walls. It ultimately pulls one’s eyes upward and gives an aesthetically pleasing ambiance to the overall space.

Homeowners can also make the kitchen walls and ceilings all white with blue colored cabinets and islands. This design style fits perfectly in modern and contemporary kitchens, which gives the whole kitchen a subtle yet sophisticated look. The unique pop of blue cabinetry and island intensifies the existing white kitchen’s ambiance.

Blue kitchen island with Layalite counter
5121 Layalite

Embrace the blue island with white countertops

Homeowners can top the lovely white kitchen with white quartz countertop like 5121 Layalite from Caesarstone. A white countertop is among the most popular choices in modern kitchen spaces. One can also hang lamp lights on the blue island topped with the white countertop. This will give a laid back style to any cooking space.

A white kitchen blue island countertop can be paired with the white stools. This color scheme inspires the homeowners to opt for this classic color combination in the kitchen space.

Irregularly shaped blue island

Homeowners can go for an asymmetrical blue island to give a unique appeal to the white kitchen space. Such islands can be used for just storage and casual dining kitchen space. The irregular shaped blue islands can be paired with the white or golden stools to provide a sitting area for eating in the kitchen. 

Going for an irregularly shaped blue island in a white kitchen creates a striking impression that balances the dark blue color with the all-white walls. Nearly all pops of blue hues well with the irregular-shaped blue island. The splashes of orange on the stools and other accessories accentuate the overall appearance.

Blue subway tiles

Adding a blue subway tile backsplash compliments the white kitchen blue island counter. This backsplash weaves the blue and white elements together and gives a cohesive look to the kitchen space. Homeowners can go with this style of adding blue subway tiles to the walls.

Modern blue subway tiles with an antique portrait hung nearby will complement the style duality. Homeowners can go for the white stools to intensify the blue island. Moreover, a mix of antique and crisp navy blue kitchen cabinets with engineered quartz countertops will give the kitchen a more contemporary spin. 

Navy blue kitchen island with white apron sink  

The modern kitchen remodeling is all up to making the interiors more enticing and visually appealing. White apron sinks are one of the most common choices among homeowners, and for good reasons. It fits seamlessly into the modern kitchen and is a very practical choice for homeowners.

One can mount the glass pendant lights over the white apron sink installed on the navy blue kitchen island. Also, the gorgeous white kitchen with navy blue island goes perfectly with the glass pendant lights and white apron sink. Homeowners can mount the white quartz countertop over the blue island to match the aesthetics.   

6046 Moorland Fog

Blue kitchen island with wooden countertop

For those homeowners who crave a retro kitchen look, nothing can be a better choice than mounting wooden countertops on the blue island. It is subtle and matches well with the white wall interiors.

The white kitchen boasting the blue kitchen island is one of the best design choices homeowners can ever make. The white ceiling and the lantern pendant lights over the light wood countertops emit white light, which adds a sparkling glow to the overall ambiance.

Designing a white kitchen with blue island  – Wrapping up

A white kitchen gives a classic yet comforting look when it comes to aesthetics. However, all-white interiors can make the overall ambiance a bit sterile. To keep visuals intriguing, homeowners can opt for the white kitchen and blue island interiors.

The blue island makes the space functional and aesthetically pleasing. These ideas will simply inspire the homeowners to revamp the white kitchen with a blue island.