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Reading: Caesarstone & Tom Dixon in Milan

Caesarstone & Tom Dixon in Milan

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Caesarstone is proud to present its collaboration with world renowned designer Tom Dixon for 2016. Tom Dixon’s vision includes four semi-professional kitchens based on the four elements Ice, Fire, Earth and Air. This year, the collaboration with Tom Dixon will span multiple locations, commencing in January at the Interior Design Show (IDS) Toronto, continuing to Milan in April for Milan Design Week and followed by other locations in USA, Europe and Asia. Each kitchen is themed around an element relating to a feature of the local culture e.g. Water (ice) for Toronto, Earth and Fire for Milan and Air for Tel Aviv and NY. Processes such as freezing, harvesting, pounding and chopping will be celebrated, with the noise, steam, flame and smoke creating a theatre of food and cooking and demonstrating the hard wearing qualities, durability, flexibility and beauty of Caesarstone. For each installation, Tom Dixon will be using a secondary material that will form part of the element’s narrative and allow him to present Caesarstone in extraordinary and new ways.

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