Wholesale Quartz Countertops

Your kitchen countertop is the most prestigious place in your home. It's where you prepare the family meals. It's where your children play and do their homework. You trust that it is of the highest quality and made with only the best raw materials available in manufacturing facilities that have rigorous inspection processes in place.

Or maybe you don't think about it at all… but you should.

Some people are being duped. Low-quality wholesale quartz countertops are making their way into homes across America. The number of unregulated companies who provide unbranded quartz quotes to uninformed consumers is on the rise.

But low-quality quartz is raising red flags. The lower price has consumers skeptical—as well they should be. There are many flaws that customers have found in the low-grade quartz, and complaints continue to pepper internet design forums, like those found on Houzz.

Before purchasing quartz countertops, ask questions like: What is the blend ratio? What inspection processes do the slabs go through? What is your warranty? Are the production facilities VOC certified?

Here is what sets Caesarstone apart.

Only the Best Quality of Materials

5000 London Grey

Caesarstone pioneered the quartz surfacing movement and continues to dominate the industry by delivering uncompromising performance. Caesarstone countertop materials are extremely durable, scratch, stain and crack resistant, nonporous, mold and mildew resistant, consistent, and low maintenance.

The following are some major differences between Caesarstone wholesale quartz countertops and low-quality quartz:

  • Caesarstone surfaces blend at a ratio of up to 93% natural quartz aggregates and 7% unsaturated polymer resin and pigments. The quartz countertops meet exacting standards of excellence. Low-quality quartz surfaces often use much larger quantities of resin and lower amounts of quartz. Their 70/30 quartz/resin proportions are far from the industry standard of 93/7.
  • Caesarstone sources only the highest quality raw materials, while substandard companies lean toward lower quality, inadequate raw materials.
  • Because Caesarstone uses the Bretonstone process, the slabs are compacted to be more resistant and to better perform. With other forms of generic factory equipment, there is inefficient compaction and resistance so performance suffers.
  • Caesarstone provides greater consistency than other stones whereas low-quality slabs are often mismatched.
  • Below average products and production facilities are not VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) certified and don't follow any sustainability practices. Caesarstone has a sustainable approach with low VOC emissions which contributes to better indoor air quality for you and your family.
  • Caesarstone offers U.S.-based customer service with Residential and Commercial Warranties.


Only the Highest Quality of Product

5141 Frosty Carrina 

Caesarstone quality standards are set extremely high. We continually invest in providing improved products with superior physical properties. With subpar material, you are faced with inefficient equipment, bad production and mechanical malfunctions. You might find the following problems with your slab with no compensation or warranty opportunity.

  • Spots and smudges
  • Shade differences on the same slab
  • Small holes in the surface
  • Inconsistency in thickness (due to lack of slab calibration)
  • Tainted surfaces and superficial resin coats (done to cover up porous surfaces)
  • More resin, less quartz


Why Choose Caesarstone Over Low-Quality Wholesale Quartz Countertops?

6134 Georgian Bluffs

When considering buying low-quality quartz surface slabs, you are entering the unknown. Many companies aren't strictly quartz. They sell all types of different stones from—low-quality granite and marble to travertine and onyx—along with holiday décor, apparel and electronics.

Caesarstone has perfected one material and offers one of the widest spectrums of colors, design options, and applications in the industry. The slab composition is precision, and each and every slab goes through a rigorous inspection process and is imprinted with our trademark zigzag for identification.

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