SPOTLIGHT On: Sagi Cohen, Caesarstone US CEO

A product is only as good as the team that produces it, and Caesarstone USA has one of the best teams in the entire industry. As a leader in the quartz manufacturing industry, Caesarstone values the reputation and quality associated with its world-class surfaces. Sagi Cohen, the CEO of Caesarstone USA, is at the helm of the US team, and he has shared what's next to come for the groundbreaking company.

Tell us a bit about your background. When did you first get involved in this industry?

"Before joining the professional world, I studied Executive Retail and Marketing Studies at Oxford Princeton College in the United Kingdom. I enjoyed my studies and joined Strauss Marketing Ltd. as their National Sales and Distribution Director before making the transition over to Paz Oil Company and then Yellow Convenience Stores. I entered the industry when I took the COO position at Caesarstone USA, which then developed into my current position as CEO."

So what are your most recent accomplishments with Caesarstone USA?

"When I became CEO in October 2011, I developed a new approach to sales by dividing and building Commercial and Residential business segments. I also developed new channels and found different ways to work with distributors that hadn't been done in the past. Consistent innovation is vital and I felt it important to bring someone from outside the industry to revamp our messaging, create new ways of elevating our luxury brand, and to establish our reputation as leaders within our vertical. Our latest out-of-the-box marketing initiatives include pop-up stores and the launch of the Supremo Collection."

What is your vision for Caesarstone? What is next for this burgeoning brand?

"The vision for Caesarstone is to be the leader in luxury quartz by educating consumers about the benefits of the surfaces. We want to grow an entire category, and grow the brand throughout the United States. Our goal is to build Caesarstone as a company that is always the leader. Ultimately, we just want to see more growth and success within our company, and that is only achieved by making sure the people we work with love what they do and who they do it for."