Fresh New Hues for the Home

Spring is a time for fresh beginnings. We've invigorated our collection with 3 brand new colors with unique depth and coloration for any style.

Bring the standout styles of Montblanc, Moorland Fog and Turbine Grey into your home. New beautiful colors, the same Caesarstone durability you know and love.
5043 Montblanc
A classic, delicate light grey base enhanced with unique natural veins. The dominant, warm grey veins have a special structure that varies from thick and rich to thin and refined. The combination of timeless colors enriches the texture with depth and interest. Montblanc adds a new, heightened perspective to your space.
6046 Moorland Fog
A rich, creamy light-colored base tinted with a touch of taupe is embellished by an active movement of swirled veins in light and dark brown, and grey tones. These features beautifully combine together to give Moorland Fog depth in a landscape of poetic proportions. With Moorland Fog comes a stable, strong and vast expanse of surface. This Caesarstone color is a contemporary interpretation of classic, natural stones.
6313 Turbine Grey
Inspired by the energy of the wind, swirls of white and dark grey veins tessellate atop a classic grey base. Turbine Grey is versatile and thrives in surfaces of either grand expanses or in moderate spaces. Nature’s elements are at play as this Caesarstone color has the spirit to live anywhere from family-friendly spaces to vintagey places.
Caesarstone Design Samples
Choose up to four 2x7 samples of any of the vast range of Caesarstone designs and for a small shipping fee, we will send them to you along with a large sheet/s of the same color to help you better visualize how the quartz surface will look in your home. Learn More
Click the icon to add up to 4 samples to your kit. A flat $30 shipping fee will apply to each kit.

If you are a Caesarstone trade partner, please call your local Caesarstone representative or call 877.978.2789 to order samples. Order Now