Designed for wellness

More than a simple trend, wellness is a movement towards making better choices in all aspects of our lives. It’s reflected in the food we choose, the way we travel and the places we live. And since the kitchen is the heart and hub of our homes, a healthy lifestyle begins with how it’s designed. In this post, we look at how contemporary kitchen design and care can contribute to our overall wellness, ensuring it’s an investment in healthier living for years to come.

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Clear your mind

The simple act of cleaning can help to not only declutter your space, but also calm your mind and reduce stress. The dedication to wellness is also reflected in our choice of cleaning supplies, favoring gentler, plant-based products that reduce our environmental impact. The surfaces you’re cleaning can also contribute to your wellness. Since Caesarstone quartz is nonporous, no heavy waxes or chemical sealers are required. An environmentally-friendly cleaner or simple soap and water is virtually all you need to care for it.

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The color of calm

It’s widely understood that the places where we spend the most time significantly impact our state of mind. A clean and simple color palette has been shown to reduce stress, soothe anxiety and encourage mindfulness. For those looking to add a splash of color, there are lots of décor options and household products available in bold tones to introduce a pop of personality. Bright accent pieces can add a playful, energizing effect to the kitchen and a little fun to the act of cleaning.

Naturally sustainable

With a growing emphasis on what’s real, people are looking to integrate more natural materials into their home with a focus on sustainability and durability. Made from one of nature’s hardest minerals, and more durable than marble and granite, Caesarstone quartz surfaces are a practical way to add a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen.

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Beautiful, by nature.

It takes only a few changes to go green and keep our Earth beautiful. And Caesarstone is committed to making them to sustain our planet. Right from production to final product, with several new colors featuring recycled content. Caesarstone aims to create durable, low-maintenance products that support healthier environments and better use of material resources. It’s why Caesarstone surfaces have earned top industry standards certifications like NSF 51, Health Product Declaration, mindful Materials rating, GreenGuard certification, ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications, and the LEED Certification.

Space to reflect 

With more people working from home, organization has become increasingly important to maintaining a calm environment and peace of mind in anxious times. So-called ‘cleanfluencers’ like Marie Kondo and Sophie Hinchliffe are leading the charge, as more and more people are embracing tidy spaces and eliminating unnecessary clutter.

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Declutter, destress

Organizing and tidying has become a new wellness ritual in itself, combating anxiety and bringing a greater sense of clarity and wellbeing to your home. Storage boxes and drawer organizers are simple ways to maximize space and keep clutter contained.

Built to last

Complementing the concepts of wellness and sustainable living is the buy-it-for-life movement. People are now looking for household items and tools that will last a lifetime and significantly reduce waste. Rather than buying cheaply made, disposable items, they’re increasingly choosing sturdier, natural materials that stand the test of time. Caesarstone is another example of a high-quality, durable product that’s made to last, with design that’s timeless.

Wellness, personalized

The concept of The Wellness Kitchen looks to change the modern hub of our homes into a more considered expression of ourselves, and a place that nourishes both body and mind. For a countertop that reflects your personal style and brings nature and wellness into your home, Caesarstone offers a wealth of options to explore.


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