2016 Granite Inspired Collection

Discover Caesarstone's New Granite Inspired Collection
Achieve the look of natural granite without the hassle. Our newest colors capture the depth and aesthetic of granite stone with the ease of Caesarstone care and maintenance.
Caldera 6684 A rich and heavy chocolate brown color, entwined with softer and darker tones and a touch of gleaming gold. Inspired by the massive beauty of granite stone.
Himalayan Moon 6611 A mixture of whites, contrasted by dramatic and elegant black veins. Himalayan Moon captures the wild aesthetic of granite stone, with the durability of quartz.
Snowy Cliffs 6607 A harmonious mixture of soft whites appear as if they melt into one another to create a delicate texture.
Collarada Drift 6623 Earthy mid-tone browns create a texture empowered with dark, dominant veins. Inspired by the intense aesthetic of granite stone, with the ease of Caesarstone care and maintenance
Cascata 6616 A creation made with soft creamy tones of classic, timeless beiges, enriched with subtle darker veins. Looks like natural granite, acts like durable quartz.
Baja Gold 6634 Mild, earthy tones of light browns create a texture of soft movements with darker veins that grant depth to Baja Gold. This granite inspired design ensures a warm, confident feeling of home.