Dwell and the Caesarstone Challenge - Commercial & Hospitality Winner - Aesthetic Answers

Peregrine Espresso is an independent coffee shop in Washington, D.C., known throughout the city as one of the best places for quality coffee. Having already created the successful Peregrine brand and the design of their first location, Aesthetic Answers directed the expansion and construction of the second location. With a blank slate to work with, the challenge was to design an environment that would easily be recognizable as "Peregrine" to its recurring customers, while not being identical to the original, and thus stay true to its "independent" coffee shop roots. Caesarstone quartz surfaces, reclaimed wood, concrete, and exposed brick were the central elements in creating a natural and clean look. The espresso bar was custom designed and made from Caesarstone and wood. Aesthetic Answers also created a seating area out of wood, with custom Caesarstone tabletops, in the bay window at the front of the store and strategically placed a standing Caeserstone counter along the wall opposite of the service counter. Every aspect of Peregrine's second location reflects Peregrine original location but with a classy touch that integrates the vibe of the new neighborhood.