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Creativity for Inspirational Design

The integral solidity and strength of Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces provide designers with the widest possible choice of profile options available in natural stone products. This freedom inspires architects and designers to explore creative concepts and shape them into practical applications.

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Slab Dimensions

The slab dimensions of Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are 56½" X 120" (Original) and 64½ X 131½" (Jumbo) which enables optimized flexibility and maximum utilization of material. Original slabs are available in 1.3 cm, 2 cm or 3 cm, and jumbo slabs are available in 2 cm or 3 cm.  For more information on slab sizes as well as edges, click here.  

Precision and Efficiency

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are durable, flexible and nonporous and highly scratch, stain and heat resistant. They come from our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, utilizing the most advanced technologies.  With Caesarstone, you have freedom of design with seemingly endless application possibilities to add style and sophistication to any space.

Finishes Details

Caesarstone has expanded our line of finish options to include the rich layered looks of Honed, Concrete and Rough along with our sleek standard Polished finish. These matte, textured surface designs are of the same high-quality quartz as the Polished finish yet present the option of a sensorial dimension with low sheen to satisfy different design styles.


This slightly textured finish conjures up the emotional caress of stone; adding warmth to the grain so it’s pleasing to the touch. A satin sheen that gently reflects light – captivating the viewer and enhancing the depth of a color, especially on darker shades. Our new Natural Finish combines the appeal of texture one can actually feel – with the practicality of the minimal care and maintenance synonymous with all Caesarstone products.


An elegant and highly reflective surface that is smooth to the touch. Caesarstone’s Polished finish emphasizes color and sets the tone for sophisticated spaces with its stunning luster. The sleek surface helps a room appear more spacious, adds luxury to interiors, and boasts remarkable style and endurance. Our standard finish is designed for life, requiring minimal care and maintenance.


A satiny finish with low sheen and a natural, less formal aesthetic. Caesarstone’s Honed finish exudes an organic appearance with its low light reflection, while retaining a stylish, authentic quality with high design appeal. Smooth to the touch, yet soft on the eye, our Honed finish is in perfect harmony with both classic and modern design approaches. Due to the nature of the surface design, it is recommended that common household spills like liquid droplets and rings are dried immediately. Additional care and maintenance will be required.


A lightly textured concrete complexion that adds a sensorial dimension to any space. Caesarstone’s Concrete finish has a soft earthiness with low light reflection, similar to Honed but with a tactile effect. The surface evokes a natural feel that brings balance to a room, while delivering a classic industrial presence. Due to the nature of the surface design, it is recommended that common household spills like liquid droplets and rings are dried immediately. Additional care and maintenance will be required.


This rich, complex, technologically advanced surface offers a compelling tactile effect, while still retaining a smooth profile that is inviting to touch. Caesarstone’s Rough finish has a distinctive, coarser look with low light reflection, inspiring a modern industrial vibe. Due to the nature of the surface design, it is recommended that common household spills like liquid droplets and rings are dried immediately. Additional care and maintenance will be required.

Our Rough finish is designed to reflect the authentic patinas of industrial materials, the variations in appearance capture real depth and movement, revealing different qualities that make each slab distinct. Applications featuring multiple slabs will experience inherent visual differences.

Because of their unique properties, our website images are not fully representative of the surface. When considering this finish, please order a sample or view a full slab at a retail location.

For more information on finishes, please click here.

Thickness Options
Original Slabs
  • 1.3 cm
  • 2 cm
  • 3 cm
Jumbo Slabs
  • 2 cm
  • 3 cm

Technical Specifications

The following test were performed by Breton SPA, Italy. For more complete information and to fill out a guideline specification (for architects), download the following files in PDF format.

Guide Specification

Technical Data Table

LEED Contribution

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

Good Practice Guide 

Impressions 2020 Catalog

Impressions Look Book

Kosher Certification

Kosher Concetto Certificate


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Caesarstone Design Samples
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