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Reading: [Video] Employees Describe Why They Love Working at Caesarstone

[Video] Employees Describe Why They Love Working at Caesarstone

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Caesarstone has led the global market for quartz surfacing for over 32 years and pioneered the first quartz surfacing solution. We believe that the success of a company is based on the teams that support it. Our employees are the backbone of our company, and we are committed to building up our employees to feel heard, empowered, passionate, educated, and just plain happy with their job.

 “What I like most about working for Caesarstone is how the employees are very passionate about the brand and the product.”

“Caesarstone is a place where people can be people.” –Shon

“My favorite thing about working at Caesarstone is probably the fact that every day is different from one another. I have a fantastic opportunity to meet people around the world, I’ve learned so much and I continue to do that. “ –Jasmine Antonio, vice president, Human Resources North America

These are just a few of the real-life testimonials that Caesarstone employees recently shared. See more of their interviews in the linked videos.

Caesarstone has a positive and encouraging company culture. We live ‘The Caesarstone Way’ – the core and central values that we live every day.

  • Have a winning spirit
  • Put people first
  • Be accountable to ourselves and our customers
  • Be innovative

“My favorite thing about working at Caesarstone is the people, is the energy you feel whether you go into an office, whether you go into one of our design centers. Our culture is one of collaboration. It’s our people, it’s inclusion, it’s developing on that innovation.”  –Ken Williams, president, Caesarstone North America

Check out our new Careers page for more information on our culture and values and meet some of our fabulous employees who share why it’s so great to work at Caesarstone. Watch this fun bloopers video, too.

It’s not just a job at Caesarstone. It’s a place where people are free to be themselves; a place to embrace creativity; a place to develop and grow a career.

“I chose to work for Caesarstone because of the fact that it’s a global company, but yet it still maintains some of that small company feel.” –Jonathan

While Caesarstone is headquartered in the beautiful and charming city of Charlotte, NC, there are positions open across the country. Explore open positions now.