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Reading: The Beauty of Clean Eating

The Beauty of Clean Eating

2 min read

A kitchen is only as good as the meals and the moments that are enjoyed there. The same thought that we put into design should be put into the food we cook and serve to family and friends. That’s why this month’s post by Jen Udashkin focuses on clean eating against a complementary backdrop of beautiful design.

5151 Empira White

Eat like a goddess

Jen Udashkin is the founder of Clean Eating Goddess, a food blog dedicated to delicious, wholesome recipes that are free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar. With a passion for clean eating, fitness, and a well-balanced lifestyle, Jen also consults as a recipe and menu developer, and works as a private chef.

5151 Empira White

Fully equipped

As a food blogger, it is important to be equally familiar with ingredients as well as kitchen equipment. This includes every facet of the kitchen from a whisk, to a faucet, to a countertop. Each element in a kitchen contributes to the efficiency and most importantly the quality of the final product.

A supportive partner

I was very excited about this partnership with Caesarstone as I am often asked about my preference for countertop materials. Never having worked with quartz before, I was amazed at how durable it is. Most natural stones can’t withstand the harsh daily cooking tasks such as chopping, hot pots, and the general clanging of kitchen equipment. With Caesarstone, I was able to do it all without a worry. Plus, it cleaned up in one easy sweep.

5151 Empira White

Complementary color

Above all, I was most impressed with the beauty of the Empira White Caesarstone. As a food photographer, it’s important that the backdrop complements and emphasizes the food. Not only was it a relief to be able to put the ingredients directly on the stone, it truly made the colors pop. I love using texture white backdrops so that the food can shine without competing with anything in the background. Overall, Empira White would not only make any kitchen stunning, but is truly a breeze to work with in the everyday challenges of a kitchen.

Another serving of inspiration

For beautifully delicious recipes and more, be sure to follow Jen on Instagram @cleaneatinggoddess. And explore how food influences design with Caesarstone’s latest Trend Book and get inspired by all Caesarstone designs here.