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Reading: Quartz Countertop Repair: Ways to Fix a Chip

Quartz Countertop Repair: Ways to Fix a Chip

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Quartz is one of the most durable countertop materials. It is a combination of stone and resin which gives it a tough quality. While quartz countertops rarely crack, scratch or chip, they are not indestructible.  

A chip or a crack on your exquisite quartz countertop can be devastating. The thought of purchasing a new countertop, especially if you haven’t had the quartz surface for long, can be stressful. You may even be clueless about how the chip got there to begin with, leaving little opportunity for avoiding more like it in the future. Fortunately, chips can be repaired. 

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But first, let’s discuss how quartz countertop chips happen. 

Something as simple as dropping your keys on the counter could be the culprit. Heavier items or items with sharp edges can cause chips on your quartz countertops. These accidents occur easily, especially if your quartz countertop is situated in the busiest part of the house.  

It might seem harmless to sit on the quartz kitchen top when keeping someone else company. Even standing on the countertop to seize something from hard-to-reach areas might not seem like a big deal. Unfortunately, even if these are brief occurrences, they can result in chips and cracks. 

Read on for a detailed quartz countertop chip repair guide: 

Check your manufacturer’s warranty 

If you notice chips on your quartz countertop, check if the extent of the damage is covered under warranty before rushing to fix it yourself. Most quartz countertops are covered under warranty for as long as 10 years. Your manufacturer may provide you with a detailed quartz countertop chip repair process or send a qualified installer to fix it.  

What you need for a quartz countertop repair 

If you choose to repair a quartz countertop chip, you can use an adhesive, especially if it is a minor chip. You will need an ammonia-based cleaner, superglue, duct or masking tape, sandpaper and pigmented adhesive.  

Depending on the location of the quartz countertop repair, you will need a kit with two different types of epoxy. One should be a low-viscosity epoxy while the other should be a high-viscosity epoxy.  

You may also need a chemical spray to harden the epoxy after the chip repair. This, however, is not mandatory, especially if you can wait for 24 hours without tampering with the repaired surface.  

If you opt to use superglue to fix the countertop chip, get a repair kit with a small syringe. You can also use this when filling epoxy into the chip.  

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Start with a clean surface 

Fixing a chip on a dirty quartz countertop will compromise the repair. Using an ammonia-based cleaner is one of the surest ways to thoroughly clean the surface and remove any oil, grease and dust. Choose a gentle detergent to clean the surface as some cleaning agents can be abrasive and further damage the countertop. Allow the area to dry completely before you begin the repair.  

Surround the chipped countertop area with duct tape or masking tape 

This ensures easy application of the adhesive on the chipped countertop surface. It also prevents stains from spreading to other areas of the countertop and saves you time spent removing any accidental spills.  

Fill the chip with the adhesive 

If you have a dark-coloured quartz countertop, ensure you fill the countertop chip with a pigmented epoxy adhesive. For the best results, mix a dye with a shade similar to your countertop and the epoxy adhesive. Apply the mixture thinly on the chip until they are on the same level as the countertop surface. Since epoxy shrinks as it dries, you may need to apply extra. This will take 24 hours to dry. If you have a light-coloured countertop, superglue is best suited to fill the chip since it’s clear and inconspicuous.  

You will need different types of super glue depending on where the chip is located. If the chip is on a quartz countertop surface, use superglue with a thin consistency. If it’s a quartz countertop edge chip repair, superglue with a thicker consistency will fill the chip better. For ease of application, use a brush or a spatula to put the superglue on the chip until it equals the surface of the countertop. This should also be left to dry for 24 hours.  

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Even out the repaired surface with the quartz countertop 

To even out the dried epoxy adhesive or superglue with the quartz countertop surface, use sandpaper with a grit of 360-600.  

Quartz countertop edge chip repair 

If you are repairing a chip on the edge of your quartz countertop, you should follow the same process as a surface countertop chip repair but with a high viscosity epoxy. This will help prevent epoxy from dripping to other surfaces.  

To avoid fixing chips often, you need to take care of your quartz countertop.  

Here’s how to enhance the durability of your quartz countertop: 

  • Never use your quartz countertop as a chopping board– While it may be tempting, it’s not worth the scratches or chips. Invest in a good cutting board.  
  • Do not stand or sit on your quartz countertop– This may seem harmless but your countertop may chip or even crack as a result of prolonged pressure.  
  • Avoid dropping things onto your countertop– Objects with sharp edges such as keys can potentially damage your quartz countertop. To counter chips caused by these objects, invest in a catch-all dish to hold small objects.  
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your quartz countertops– While maintaining a clean quartz countertop is essential, using harsh chemicals on your countertop can potentially damage it and make it more susceptible to chips. Avoid paint thinners and abrasive cleaning agents.