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Reading: Caesarstone Sponsors Princess Margaret Home Lottery

Caesarstone Sponsors Princess Margaret Home Lottery

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Caesarstone has partnered with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to sponsor its Oakville Showhome. This is the second year that Caesarstone has been able to provide material for the Princess Margaret Home Lottery.

The sponsorship with The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation gave us a chance to stand by one of our Core Values: People First. We work to provide opportunities for personal growth and development while putting our communities, partners, suppliers, and employees first. The chance to work with a foundation that aligns with our values creates the relationships we strive for.

Princess Margaret Home Lottery dream house sponsored by Caesarstone

“We’re thrilled to partner with Caesarstone on The Princess Margaret Oakville Showhome. From flooring to archways, fireplaces, to countertops and islands, we incorporated the versatile Caesarstone collections in unique and unexpected ways to elevate almost every room of the showhome,” says Brian Gluckstein, Interior Designer of Gluckstein Design.

princess margaret house kitchen
Countertops, backsplash, islands, range hood & waterfall sides 5211 Noble Grey

Own a piece of the Oakville Showhome.

Princess Margaret Home Lottery – Fall 2022

This year Caesarstone has had the chance to work alongside the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Home Lottery. In The Oakville Showhome, Caesarstone provided all quartz surfaces to add to the exquisite designs created by Gluckstein Design. We still align with the Princess Margaret mission to paint a positive vision of the world and support the community from the heart of the home.

Incorporating Caesarstone in the Showhome highlights the commitment that we have to Princess Margaret being on the frontier of oncology and patient care. In coordination with Gluckstein Design, you will find 5161 Icellion4043 Primordia5131 Calacatta Nuvo, and other designs that were used in this home.

From the start of this project, we led with our company values: Teamwork & Collaboration. We find success through working with different teams, companies, and communities. When we started this sponsorship with Princess Margaret Hospital Lottery two years ago, we knew that it would be part of Caesarstone plans for years to come.

Finally, it gives our organization pride to be a part of something greater than the countertops we craft. We believe in prioritizing our partners and communities by bringing them all together for a celebration of life. Join us on a journey to set your dream in stone. 

Meaningful collaboration with Princess Margaret Lottery

The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre is a global leader in the fight against cancer and creating awareness for this cause. It is one of the world’s top five cancer research centers, and the Princess Margaret Lottery is the most recognized charitable mega-lottery in North America, with over $472 million raised to date.

Caesarstone has partnered with the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation to provide materials for The Princess Margaret Home Lottery. In the second year of this sponsorship, the essence of this partnership is clear: putting people first. The Caesarstone family feels proud to be a part of a project that changes lives.

As a consecutive partner of the foundation, Caesarstone supports the community from the heart of the home and transforms one lucky winner’s dreams into the reality while helping raise funds for this important cause.

Combining craftsmanship with aesthetics, Caesarstone finds the key to success in empowering collaboration and working with different teams, companies, and communities. As the official surface provider for the Princess Margaret Home Lottery, Caesarstone has donated more than 70 slabs of quartz products valued at $165,000.

“We are honored to be part of this initiative that brings to life our commitment to transform dreams into reality through our surfaces. Not only are we a part of making that possible for one lucky winner, but we are helping raise funds for an important cause. The way we see it, we are all winners in this meaningful partnership,” said Ken Williams, Caesarstone The Americas – President and CEO.

Bar Floor, 5100 Vanilla Noir, 5161 Icellion 
Island & perimeter countertop, 5101 Empira Black 

Popular products from Caesarstone

Here are some stunning examples of elegant and versatile quartz that can be seen in the Oakville Showhome:

5100 Vanilla Noir features a rich ebony base with creamy veins that highlights the versatility of the quartz. This luxurious quartz can be used in several types of spaces.

4043 Primordia can be seen in the entry and archways of the showhome, while one of the favorites of Caesarstone, 5161 Icellion, with Nordic vibes, is incorporated into the powder room floor and the bar.

In the showhome’s study room, 406 Clearskies decorates the fireplace mantle and hearth with its soft, gray hues.

5211 Noble Grey features a shiny gray base with dark, creamy tones, allowing it to work wonders in practically any space.

In the ensuite bedroom and the laundry countertops, pure 1111 Vivid White is used to pop up the vanity counter and enhance a contemporary appearance.

There are a handful of different dark quartz surfaces throughout the showhome, as well. For example, the mysterious 5101 Empira Black with cloudy white veins creates an organic flow in the kitchen when used as the main countertop material.

Princess Margaret Dream Home Lottert 2022
Flooring, 5003 Piatra Grey, 5161 Icellion ​
Vanity countertop, 5161 Icellion 

Enter the lottery for a chance to win now!