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Reading: Primordia Selected as a 2019 House Beautiful Live Better Award Winner

Primordia Selected as a 2019 House Beautiful Live Better Award Winner

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In 2019, House Beautiful editors set out to find the best home products that help you live your best, fullest, happiest, and easiest life possible. After touring trade shows, combing the market, and researching products, they chose 50 designs that deliver on their quest to help you live better.

Caesarstone is proud to announce that House Beautiful selected one of our most beloved designs, Primordia, as a Live Better Award winner. In the ‘Eat Better’ category, Primordia was called out not only for the beautiful concrete-like design but also for the functionality of quartz in general — Don’t cry over spilled Malbec. Caesarstone Primordia 4043 looks like a hipper-than-thou concrete counter, but it’s made of nonporous quartz that seriously repels stains.

Primordia’s cool grey complexion echoes the character of concrete, evoking the provenance of its contemporary feel. Composed across its light grey base, soft mineral accents in off-whites and greys combine with darker veils of grey and brown to reflect the oxidized rusts found in natural stone. This authentic effect is fulfilled by the fleeting traces of faint yellow and washed green that add depth to the multifaceted surface. Primordia’s novel appearance exposes the surface topography of earth’s alluvial layers – organic, textured, raw and accentuated by its beautifully unique imperfections. As a neutral palette, this Caesarstone design is versatile, blending flawlessly with materials like dark oak flooring, raw terracotta tile, corrugated steel, and dark jade glazed ceramics.

Primordia is part of the Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection, which leads the industrial trend. Textured and unpolished, this look forms part of the revival of modernism but with a contemporary twist. Primordia has a concrete-like look and feel that is inspiring in kitchens, alluring in bathrooms and striking in hospitality.

To order samples of Primordia or any other Caesarstone design you have your eye on, visit our Samples page.