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Reading: Give Your Kitchen a High-Design Look By Accentuating Your Quartz Countertops

Give Your Kitchen a High-Design Look By Accentuating Your Quartz Countertops

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A kitchen remodel can yield more than a 100 percent return on investment. To get the greatest return, you must capture attention by highlighting the most prominent feature—your quartz countertops—that makes your kitchen beautiful and inviting.

Here are some tips to bring out the natural beauty of your countertops and give your kitchen a high-design look.

Consider Finish When Lighting

The type of countertop dictates the type of lighting you should install in your kitchen. For instance, Honed, Concrete and Rough finishes don’t reflect as much light as a Polished finish. This means you can use more overhead, task and accent lighting throughout the space. Recessed, or can lights, are hugely popular in kitchen design. Learn more about their minimal look and how much they cost to install at HomeAdvisor.

Countertops with a Honed finish are well suited for a traditional or modern kitchen and look great under artificial light. Polished countertops reflect light and look great in a space with plenty of windows and natural daylight.

Use Neighboring Textures

If you have Honed countertops, add matte neighboring textures, fixtures and appliances to match. If you have Polished countertops, stainless steel appliances can add a contemporary feel.

When selecting textures, consider how hard or easy the surfaces will be to clean so they don’t inhibit the overall design and the functionality you seek.

Install Waterfall Edges

With this design, pay careful attention to the kitchen floor, since there might be a shared edge. Contrast the stone’s color and texture for a dramatic effect. Or, match the base of the slab to the floor to streamline and enlarge the feel of the room.

Go Neutral

Neutral hues are popular in kitchens. Bright, bold colors may seem like an attractive choice, but they can be a sore spot for potential buyers. White, beige and soft grey are popular colors in a kitchen remodel. Light browns, bluish greys, and mossy greens are subtle ways to add natural tones to the space.

Carefully design your kitchen around these tips to create a timeless look and to yield a return on your investment when selling.