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Reading: Caesarstone Backed By Good Housekeeping Seal for Over 10 Years

Caesarstone Backed By Good Housekeeping Seal for Over 10 Years

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It is a great badge of honor to earn the much-coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of approval for products. From its inception in 1909, the GH Seal has been guiding consumers to the best products to purchase in the marketplace, explains Carolyn Forte, director of Home Appliances and Cleaning Products Lab and the Textiles Paper and Plastics Lab at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI).

Caesarstone, the original manufacturer of quartz surfaces, not only earned the GH Seal in 2006, but was chosen as the official countertop for the legendary consumer product testing facility, GHRI, located in NYC’s Hearst Tower. 

“Caesarstone earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, through evaluation by our Research Testing Institute and was found to be a product that will deliver excellent results and performance,” said Sean Sullivan, former associate publisher for Good Housekeeping. “Earning the Seal by passing our engineering and consumer usage evaluations, speaks volumes about the high regard Good Housekeeping holds for the Caesarstone product.”

Caesarstone is the only countertop manufacturer to hold the Good Housekeeping Seal.

But they don’t stop there. Good housekeeping means business. They trust so much in their research and testing that they back their seal with more than words. If a product with the Seal becomes defective GH will replace it or refund it.

Good Housekeeping thrives because it understands what other generations of consumers care about. When it comes to surfacing, consumers look for: 

  • Ease of care
  • Durability
  • Scratch and stain resistance
  • Color consistency
  • Availability of variety
  • Lifetime warranty

In addition to awarding Caesarstone the highly regarded GH Seal for being the durable surface of choice, initially, GH specified 2142 Blizzard as part of their Good Housekeeping kitchen designs throughout the Institute.  Recently the Good Housekeeping Institute upgraded their Kitchen of the Future and once again used Caesarstone quartz surfaces 5151 Empira White and 4033 Rugged Concrete. To see the amazing transformation – click here!

“The reason we chose it is because it’s extremely scratch and stain-resistant and especially easy to clean and maintain,” reports Forte on “Unlike granite, it never needs to be sealed. Even after almost six years of very heavy use in our test kitchens and labs, our Caesarstone countertops still look as white as they did the day they were installed. All we use to clean them in the Home Appliances and Cleaning Products Lab is a non-abrasive cleaner. If we accidentally mar the surface with one of our laundry-marking pens, we use a cleaner with bleach and a delicate scrub sponge to remove the stain.”

Caesarstone offers peace of mind. It’s an honor to have maintained the GH seal for so many years and to be a beautiful, functional part of their test kitchen. Due to rigorous testing of all GH Seal backed products, families can expect their Caesarstone to stand up to the toughest messes while still looking sleek and sophisticated.

Click here to learn more about Caesarstone and the Good Housekeeping Seal.