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Reading: Best Countertops 2021

Best Countertops 2021

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Whether it’s the kitchen or bathroom, countertops are an integral part of a home’s design. By providing both aesthetic and functional elements, they are often the focal point for many design projects. But many of the benefits of countertops also depend on the quality and design of the surfaces chosen. For new homeowners, finding the perfect surface material for countertops without assistance can be a little challenging.  

That’s why we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that can help consumers choose the best countertops for the kitchen or bathroom. This will provide a great set of guidelines to go by so shoppers can understand which criteria matter the most for their renovation projects. 

5212 Taj Royale 

How to Choose the Right Countertop 

Choosing the best countertops for a home can be simple once the homeowner decides upon the following criteria: 

1. Budget 

The first thing that needs to be set in stone is the budget. The investment that customers are willing to make will decide the materials that can be chosen, the add-ons they can opt for, and the brand they can afford. Basically, the budget forms the basis of what renovators can even consider when selecting and installing countertops.

It’s also essential to consider every expense and allocate a reasonable sum to each aspect when outlining the budget. For countertops, along with the upfront cost of the material, consumers must also consider the price of installation, add-ons, and customization.  

Also, when looking for the best kitchen countertop material, consider its lifespan. Saving a few dollars during the initial installation won’t be profitable if it needs constant repair or replacement of the countertop every few years. The longer the countertop lasts, the better the investment will be from a budget standpoint.  

2. Material 

Of course, choosing the best kitchen countertop material is one of the most important things to be decided early in the process. After all, it’s the material that will determine the strength, durability, and ease of maintenance for countertop surfaces.  

Along with that, consumers must have a specific theme and color scheme planned out for each room in the house. So you also need to check if the visual appeal of the material is in sync with the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. 

3. Structure 

Once the material for the countertops has been selected, specific dimensions also need to be selected based on the structural design. This includes the shape, thickness, and edges of the countertop. If the counters will be treated to rough use such as with heavy objects and high heat environments, it’s a good idea to opt for thicker surfaces, which will reduce the chances of heat or weight-induced damage. The standard thickness of countertops ranges from 1 1/2 inches to 1 1/4 inches, but it can always be customized according to individual needs.  

5810 Black Tempal 

4 Qualities Every Countertop Material Should Have 

Countertops are quite simple to build for most materials, and some are simply carved from natural stone or formations. But there are a number of essential features that stand out as the most important when choosing the right material. So when selecting the best countertop material for renovation needs, it’s helpful to assess them based on these criteria.  

1. Heat Resistance 

The best countertop material should be resistant to heat. Whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen, it’s natural for countertops to come into contact with hot objects or hot water. This could be through objects and devices such as cookware or hairstyling tools, or close proximity to stoves or steam. As a result, it’s important to opt for materials that can withstand heat without discoloring or warping. 

2. Non-Porous 

Stains and discoloration can ruin the aesthetic appeal of any countertop material, and it’s extremely important to make sure to select a material that’s properly resistant to water or moisture damage. Spills and messes are accidents that happen, but they require quick cleanup using the right materials to prevent permanent stains. Try to select a non-porous countertop material that’s water-resistant, and when spills do happen, make sure they’re cleaned up as soon as possible. Materials like quartz are a great non-porous choice, since they’re seamless and can be easily cleaned with just some water, gentle soap and a soft cloth. 

3. Scratch Resistance 

Countertops often double as kitchen workstations, so if the countertop is used for any work involving sharp or edged objects, the homeowner runs the very real risk of leaving permanent scratches on the material. While the best practice is to avoid directly using sharp or edged objects directly on the countertop, selecting scratch-resistant materials like quartz or granite can go a long way towards preserving them for years to come. 

4. Ease of Maintenance  

For homeowners with hectic schedules, a high-maintenance countertop is the last thing they’re likely to look for. The best kitchen countertops are easy to clean and require minimum maintenance, but what most consumers don’t realize is that easy maintenance comes from selecting a material that’s properly sealed and doesn’t react to substances very easily. 

Countertop materials like engineered quartz are easy to maintain because they’re produced as a single slab, which leaves no gaps or seams that can become damaged or worn over time. There are also no grooves or uneven spaces that require extra care when cleaning, which means that keeping them clean and hygienic requires a minimum amount of effort on the homeowner’s part. If opting for quartz, homeowners should ensure that they choose a premium quartz countertop manufacturer like Caesarstone.  

5111 Statuario Nuvo – Construction + Design: Clark & Co. Homes

Top 4 Most Popular Countertop Materials  

Here are the four most popular countertop materials perfect for kitchen and bathrooms, ranked by popularity and value. 

1. Quartz 

Quartz offers the best in affordability, aesthetics and function when used for countertops. Quartz countertops are durable, resistant to heat and stains, and last for decades. They’re also extremely customizable due to their manufacturing process and can be created in various colors, patterns and designs to suit any living space. Homeowners can choose from many options, such as the delicate, earthy hues of Caesarstone’s 5212 Taj Royale, or the dramatic, complex layers of 5810 Black Tempal

2. Laminate  

Laminates are extremely resistant to stains and can bear mild exposure to heat. They’re also extremely affordable, making them an excellent choice for tight budgets. Further, they come in any color and pattern a homeowner could want. 

3. Tiles  

Tiles are an amazing choice for countertops. They are durable, non-porous, and come with a myriad of design and color options. 

4. Marble 

The elegance of white, textured marble makes it a favorite for those looking to capture classical elegance, and countertops made with marble are quite durable and resistant to heat. 

For homeowners choosing quartz who love the look of marble, Caesarstone has several options, such as 5111 Statuario Nuvo, which mimic the look and feel of natural stone.


These guidelines should highlight the major factors that influence the value of countertops, and should go a long way towards helping consumers decide on the perfect countertop type for their living spaces.  

Caesarstone has a wide range of quality quartz countertop options available to choose from, so go ahead and take a look at our catalog to find the best quartz countertop for any home or living space.