Designing the Best Experiences – A Caesarstone Compilation

For three decades, Caesarstone has set the standard in quartz surface design and craftsmanship. Many of the ideas surrounding the Caesarstone vision originate from a passion for well-made products and designs that inspire.

Because Caesarstone recognizes the need for distinctive aesthetical expression, we’ve created an inspiring compilation to showcase how our luxury quartz surfaces can reach unlimited possibilities and help achieve visual harmony within your home or business.  

Photo: Clark & Co Homes
3100 Jet Black

Photo: Kriste Michelini Interiors
2141 Blizzard

Our portfolio traverses each area of the home to show all the beautiful and unique installations that feature Caesarstone quartz in distinctive design styles. You’ll find imagery of kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, wine rooms, wet bars, furniture pieces, wall cladding, stairwells, fireplace hearths, closet islands, and more.

Photo: SLABlite Inc
8141 Puro

In addition to home applications, Caesarstone quartz is a trusted surface for top level brands around the world. Our products are widely used in commercial applications offering color innovation, product reliability and peace of mind.

Photo: Red Door Spa Union Square
5141 Frosty Carrina, 6270 Atlantic Salt

See examples of commercial applications in some of the country’s most design-savvy establishments from O’Hare International Airport’s Wicker Park Bar to Sunset Marquis to the Fess Parker Winery and The Bear and the Star restaurant.

Photo: AKAR Studio - Wicker Park Bar
2141 Blizzard

Visit our collection of photographs that highlight beautiful and unique installations featuring Caesarstone quartz:

Designing the Best Experiences –A Caesarstone Compilation


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