Caesarstone Jumbo Slabs Cover More Ground

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Our kitchens are beginning to replace our living rooms as the principal gathering place of our homes. As the hub of activity, connections happen and memories are made here. Our countertops serve as our prep spaces, dinner tables, workspaces, and our play areas. Caesarstone honors this shift in lifestyle by offering customers the option of larger format slabs to cover more ground in their homes. And now, Caesarstone Jumbo slabs are available in new colors to complement any décor and lifestyle.

How big is a jumbo slab of quartz?

Sometimes size does matter, and Caesarstone Jumbo slabs are the perfect example. Ideal for surfaces like islands and wall panels, the oversized slabs beautifully fill grand spaces and do so with minimal seaming. The classically durable, nonporous, heat/stain/scratch resistant Caesarstone quartz surface is now available in impressive 64½” x 131½” slabs, with optional 2cm and 3cm thicknesses and several edge profile choices. With the trend toward large countertops and islands, the jumbo slab size adds elegance to any contemporary space and yield an additional 20% surface area over standard slabs. The Jumbo slab options also have been shown to reduce waste and lower overall costs with the same unique and breathtaking design and surface options that have always been synonymous with the Caesarstone name. Be aware that the Concrete, Honed, or Rough surface options may require additional daily care.

Caesarstone Jumbo slab colors

Along with needing Jumbo slabs for the growing trends of larger islands and wider countertops, larger-sized slabs often provide additional surface material to use in other areas of the home in a cost-effective manner. Now, Caesarstone Jumbo slabs are available in a wide range of new colors. One can never go wrong with Pure White, the classic color that never goes out of style. For those who prefer a similar cool shade with a hint of depth, Frosty Carrina or Blizzard offer a sharp, clean, minimalistic look as well. For dramatic veining, consider White Attica or Statuario Maximus. For a more industrial edge where texture is at the forefront, go with Raw Concrete. And for those who want to go warmer, Pebble is an excellent backdrop to earthy tones, while Piatra Grey offers a rich, dark foundation that creates an ambiance of strength and endurance, serving as a focal anchor to complement the décor in your cherished kitchen spaces.

Available in a beautiful array of finishes and colors, Caesarstone’s line of large slab surfaces keep pace with trending kitchen design to enrich the way you live. We invite you to order a sample or visit a nearby retail location to ensure you find the perfect color, finish, and care needs to fit your lifestyle.

Caesarstone commitment

Caesarstone manufactures premium quartz surfaces, aesthetically pleasing yet versatile enough for use as countertops, vanities, wall cladding, floors, and other interior surfaces. Here, elegance meets performance, and the design options are limited only by your imagination. With manufacturing processes that meet exacting standards of excellence, every surface by Caesarstone is of the highest quality possible. From natural raw materials to the blending of 93% natural quartz with pigments and polymer resins, only superior materials are used, and only the most exceptional final products are passed on to customers for use in their living spaces. Every slab undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets our exceptionally high standards of color, hue, and consistency. The Caesarstone product line offers various slab dimensions, widths and thickness options, and edge shapes to choose from to customize your personal space.



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