‘Impressions’: A Stunning Visual Journey Celebrating the Caesarstone Brand

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Caesarstone is renowned for producing the very best surfaces in the industry, designing a variety of perfectly considered shades featuring extraordinarily elegant patterns and textures. So how does its design team start and where do they find their inspiration?

Introducing Impressions—a visual journey celebrating the Caesarstone brand, its roots, philosophies, exploration of color and texture, and offerings while illustrating the work of top architects, designers and artists who choose flexible, durable Caesarstone quartz to accoutre their artful installations and designs.

We invite you to explore over 130 pages of background, philosophy, and vivid imagery of professional work in both residential and commercial applications across the globe.


“We have been designing surfaces for more than thirty years and since day one our intention has been to push technical and creative boundaries,” says Chief Designer, Mor Krisher. “The story reflects the broader design approach of Caesarstone, where inspiration is sometimes less than obvious but the results are always breathtaking. We are visual creatures and we respond to the color and patterns that surround us, good or bad. I think Caesarstone plays a role in creating environments that inspire, that connect us with nature or that provide the tactility that is so important to human beings,” says Mor.

See how, with artistic innovation and synergetic creative vision, Caesarstone pushes the boundaries and elevates the exploration of color and texture to enhance designs in new and profound ways in commercial interiors like hospitality settings, healthcare facilities, urban development and in residential interiors.

Caesarstone provides the freedom to create custom spaces and unique applications that garner awards and international acclaimendorsing those who use the product as visionaries.

“When I show someone a new Caesarstone product for the first time, they always end up with their hand repeatedly playing across the surface as we talk, often quite unconsciously. That’s when I know we’ve done our job,” Mor concludes.

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