Cutting-Edge 13mm Caesarstone Quartz: Redefining Shower and Bath Surfaces

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For thirty years and throughout fifty countries, Caesarstone has built a reputation for leading innovation in interior surfaces. Caesarstone's unique vision has taken 13mm quartz slabs from kitchen and bathroom countertops to a new frontier: the shower.

Conventional grout and film setups require continual investment and long hours of maintenance over their lifetimes. Installing large quartz slabs achieves new heights of elegance and eliminates the need for irritating cleanup and maintenance. With Caesarstone’s 13mm thick quartz surfaces, you can select one of our most popular colors and redefine your client's wall panels and shower recesses, or even tackle it all at once.

5031 Statuario Maximus, Cecilie Starin Design

Everyone knows the difficulties of a moldy shower. Various molds can cultivate on top of and even under the grout that is essential to tile. If bleach doesn’t work—it often fails when mold grows beneath the grout—what's left is a horrible chemical stench and even more work to do. It is an arduous process to clean moldy grout. The next step would be a total grout removal. In a conventional shower’s lifetime, it may be necessary to repeat that process many times, magnifying the expense and headache of maintenance.

With Caesarstone quartz slabs, there is no need for grout, there are few to no seams, and cleaning is a breeze. Since Caesarstone's quartz is nonporous, it’s the ideal material for moist and warm areas like the shower and surrounding bathroom walls.

5031 Statuario Maximus, Cecilie Starin Design

Caesarstone surfaces are made with up to 93 percent quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals. The Mohs scale of mineral hardness places it 7th overall, above both topaz and diamond. Even better is how nonporous quartz is compared to granite and marble. With double the impact resistance of granite and a hardy resistance to common household cleaning agents, quartz is practically made for the shower.

Caesarstone quartz has shown itself to be the perfect union of nature and technology.

5031 Statuario Maximus, Cecilie Starin Design

With quartz beating out every similar mineral for durability, it’s easy to forget just how stunning it is in vertical setting like on shower surrounds and wall panels. This extensive gallery showcases the elegant and seamless designs that can redefine a bathroom space.

Bathrooms are at their best when simple and clean. Quartz achieves both these goals effortlessly. And as a natural mineral that comes in many different colors, replacing a tile setup doesn’t mean the decor needs updating.

Available colors include: 

A note on wall cladding and installation: Wall cladding may be installed by adhesion only, by adhesion and mechanical reinforcement, or by dry installation. The method of installation and specs must be determined by the construction engineer and local regulations.

13mm thickness material is recommended for wall cladding as it weighs less than thicker slabs. Large expanses of wall cladding can be designed with very few joints by using large pieces of material. Wall cladding pieces are cut from Caesarstone slabs to the shapes and dimensions required. They can be cut to various geometric shapes, with any combination of colors and finishes. 

Caesarstone’s 13mm surfaces give architects and designers a chance to rethink the bathroom and any other wet area in the home. Use this fresh look to take your design projects to the next level.

Learn more about Caesarstone quartz online today!

Photo Credits: 5031 Statuario Maximus, Cecilie Starin Design

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