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Reading: New 2018 Caesarstone Surfaces Inspire at WantedDesign During NYCxDesign

New 2018 Caesarstone Surfaces Inspire at WantedDesign During NYCxDesign

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WantedDesign is a well-curated display of creative endeavors conceptualized by up-and-coming artists, established designers and innovative brands during NYCxDesign.

“It’s a place where people go to find design treasures. It’s a little offbeat and that is what’s so refreshing about it,” said Erika Egede-Nissen, Caesarstone director of media relations.

At WantedDesign, we launched seven new textured surface designs and the Metropolitan Collection. Additionally, in the Caesarstone-sponsored Conversation Series, we became a part of the discussion about what’s next in design.  

The Caesarstone showcase

With the release of the new beautifully curated Caesarstone surface designs, visitors experienced vignettes that showcased these colors and how they fit into their respective Caesarstone collections – the industrial-inspired Metropolitan Collection and the Classico Collection.

Caesarstone also showcased the ‘Maggie’ table designed by Baker Hesseldenz Design, a boutique interior design firm that endeavors to continuously hone and push their capabilities to the limit, whether in the realm of traditional handcraft or through advancements in fabrication technologies.

What we saw and heard

In the kitchen – The concept of how the kitchen is becoming the center of the home continued to gain momentum at WantedDesign. Designers are looking at the kitchen island as a place of gathering and communication and thinking about it as more a piece of furniture than a standard island.

It’s moving away from monochromatic whites as people display products and colorful décor that are special and meaningful to them.

Throughout the home – Gold, mixed metal and matte hardware and accents are still super-hot and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Jewel tones were more muted as a pastel desert-inspired color palette (green, peach, pink, tan) was expressed throughout wall coverings, furniture and textiles.

Additional trends we saw: fringe metal light fixtures, low profile furniture, velvet, velour, copper, rope lighting, baskets, updates to classics like rocking chairs and floral fabrics

International spotlight

The trends and themes at WantedDesign span the globe. Founders of the event, Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat express the show’s status as “a creative hub for the international community.”

Some highlights:

  • Thirty-three designers from eleven countries participated in WantedDesign’s Launch Pad.
  • The pop-up restaurant called Zero Waste Bistro, a Helsinki-based cultural initiative, was a very popular eatery at the event.
  • Design collectives from Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Istanbul were featured.

Exhibiting at WantedDesign allows Caesarstone to connect with students and next gen designers and be a part of an international design conversation. Our presence at the annual show helps us see, touch, hear what’s trending across the globe in furniture and home design.