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Reading: 9 Green and Gray Kitchen Ideas

9 Green and Gray Kitchen Ideas

6 min read

The color green represents life, nature, and positivity, while the color gray represents sophistication, seriousness, and an intellectual personality. When combined, these colors create a sensation of balance and are very soothing to the eyes.

Green and gray are considered to be one of the best combinations of colors for a kitchen. The green shade gives a sensation of the outdoors, and the color gray gives a sort of cloudy feeling. Overall, they both give the feel of a perfectly windy day in the grasslands and create a balance between jolliness and seriousness.

Besides the sensations, green and gray are also available in several shades, providing various combinations. Moreover, green and gray also have one more elegant feature: they too easily contrast with a third color.

This article will discuss some green and gray kitchen design ideas which individuals can apply to their kitchens:

Light grey veined kitchen counter with pots and eggplants 
5211 Noble Grey

Lime green cabinets with gray countertops

Lime green kitchen cabinets give a bright and playful look to the kitchen area. Plus, it gives the kitchen a lively and vibrant feeling. Once these cabinets are installed, a light gray countertop like 5211 Noble Grey, which is a bit on the duller side, could be incorporated to balance out the brightness of the lime green cabinets. Homeowners could also add mosaic tiles on the walls, which will complete the look.

Sea green cabinets with dark gray walls

If a homeowner has decided that green is the perfect color for their kitchen cabinets and wants to utilize a darker shade of green, sea green shade is the one that an individual can go for.

This shade represents the generosity and trust of the spirit. A sea green kitchen can be contrasted with dark gray wall tiles for a perfectly designed gray and green kitchen.

Green with gray and white

Bold green kitchen cabinets contrast very well with white walls and gray countertops like 4044 Airy Concrete, as they perfectly balance out the boldness of the green cabinets. Additionally, utilizing the contrasting look creates many opportunities for the smaller kitchen to use darker green shades as this balances out the dark and light shades.

Homeowners that are looking for green and gray kitchen ideas can also add some luxurious lighting in the kitchen, which can help in highlighting these shades.

Green gray gold

For those homeowners who want to use the shade of green in their kitchen, they can also go for olive green. Homeowners can further enhance their olive green kitchen units by adding up some touches of luxury. Create a stylish kitchen by installing gray tiles and countertops along with adding kitchen fittings of the color that represent luxury, like gold.

Golden taps, door knobs and handles, and hinges could be utilized in the olive green kitchen to represent nature along with luxury.

Grey quartz countertop with pot and bowl of soup 
4044 Airy Concrete


Sage looks like green tried to transform into gray but was stuck somewhere in between. However, this shade is gaining a lot of popularity among homeowners. Homeowners who want to add an organic and fresh look to their kitchen can combine sage with light gray and off-white countertops that are reminiscent of nature.

Include matte finish

Don’t let the green and gray kitchen shout; instead, let it speak. There is no doubt that green cabinets should not be dull, but they should also not be very loud and showy. The simplest way to tone down the impact of this strong shade is to go with a matte finish for the kitchen cabinets.

An elegant, rich shade of gray-green instantly adds warmth to the kitchen, creating a cozy cocoon-like feeling.

Teaming up green with subtle gray perfectly balances out the jolliness of green with the sophistication of the gray.

Matching walls

A stronger statement could be created by infusing a striking shade of green, like forest green, liberally all over the kitchen space. For example, suppose homeowners are having a hard time finding a color that perfectly contrasts the gray and green combination. In that case, they can utilize the color green all over his kitchen along with a gray countertop.

This kitchen style goes perfectly with pastel and metallic accessories, which add a hint of softness and comfort to the kitchen.

Utilize unique patterns

Gray and green kitchen ideas are not just about the colors. Some patterns can also be introduced to the kitchen in order to give that kitchen a unique look and feel.

When an individual has a kitchen diner combined, patterned floor tiles could easily separate the kitchen area.

A patterned tile must have both the colors, i.e., the color of the cabinet and the color of the countertop. The involvement of both the colors will prevent the tiles from giving a sensation of being the odd one out.

The best part about patterns is that house owners have quite a number of patterns to choose from. So, the homeowners who have restricted themselves to the only gray and green kitchen, can enjoy the liberty of choosing from thousands in the case of patterns.

Country kitchen

Most country-style kitchens use rustic colors with a muted tune like gray, brown, black, etc. But homeowners can also give their kitchen a hint of uniqueness by injecting their country kitchen with a shade of green which will keep their kitchen fresh and light.

While the walls could be of the classic color like white or gray, the bottom cabinets could be of a greenish shade. These colors when teamed with rustic countertop like 6338 Woodlands, and neutral flagstone floor tiles bring out the perfect farmhouse kitchen look.

Light green kitchen with dark chocolate countertop and teapot 
6338 Woodlands

9 green and gray kitchen ideas — Conclusion

There are quite several colors available in the market which could be paired together in order to create a perfect kitchen. Among those colors, the combination of green and gray is believed to one the perfect combo.

While green is a bit on the bolder side, the muted personality of the color gray gives a perfect balance to the kitchen. Apart from that, green and gray very easily accept the third color and can form a trio with most colors.

So, if homeowners are confused about which color combination they should choose, a green and gray kitchen would be an excellent choice.