What is Transform by Caesarstone? Transform by Caesarstone, is a 13mm custom quartz overlay solution that is professionally applied on top of existing countertops, giving you a luxurious update without the time and tear-out costs of a full remodel.

How long does it take to install Transform by Caesarstone? The installation should be completed in less than one day, not days or weeks like a traditional kitchen countertop renovation. This allows you to upgrade your kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity surfaces and other applications with limited disruption to your busy lifestyle.

From order to completion, how long is the Transform by Caesarstone process? Transform by Caesarstone takes two days to template, estimates arrive two days later, and Transform by Caesarstone is installed within ten days from final payment.

Can Transform by Caesarstone overlay any surface? Transform by Caesarstone is intended to overlay almost any surface, including laminate, tile, stainless steel, granite, concrete, butcher block or other even surfaces. Because Caesarstone is mold and mildew resistant, Transform by Caesarstone is ideal for countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom wall panels (i.e. shower wall cladding). However, uneven surfaces may not be compatible with Transform by Caesarstone and only a certified Caesarstone fabricator can make the determination.

What is the minimum order quantity? A minimum order of 25 square feet is required.

Can I install Transform by Caesarstone by myself? No, it takes a fabricator and a professional team to install the quartz overlay.

Is there an additional charge for a bump-out (a portion of the countertop that sticks out further)? Yes, because a bump-out protrudes from the countertop, there won’t be one straight cut which requires additional labor.

Can Transform by Caesarstone be installed with an undermount apron/farmhouse sink? Yes, but the sink must be installed beforehand or you may incur a return-trip fee.

Can Transform by Caesarstone be installed with a non-apron undermount sink? This kind of sink may require modifications to the cabinet frame, depending upon the cabinet style and sink model chosen.

Can I reuse my existing overmount sink? Yes. However, we cannot guarantee the sink will be undamaged during the removal process.

Will any plumbing professional help be required during installation? Yes, we recommend that you contract a plumber to detach and reinstall all plumbing, sink, and faucets. Plumbing costs are additional.

Can I keep my original backsplash? Yes, we can seal the edge seam of the new countertop to the backsplash with caulk.