Quartz Overlay Countertop Designs

Transform™ by Caesarstone® comes in twelve designer colors to reflect your style:
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1141 Pure White
The purest, cleanest, densest white with a fleck-free, silky smooth finish, Pure White is inherently sophisticated; it can be tranquil, dynamic or romantic depending on your personal palette choices. This Caesarstone color meets the ongoing demand for 'new' whites and combines modern style with durability.
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5141 Frosty Carrina
A creamy ivory white base with graceful, powdery grey veins. Frosty Carrina is a classic beauty that can stand the test of time. It’s sophisticated in its demeanor and delicate in its visage. The soft color creates an oasis from the hectic outside world and communicates a simple elegance and charm.
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2141 Blizzard
A clean and refreshing white base with tiny specs of grey that add a touch of warmth. Its powerful presence can either dominate a space with its dynamic whiteout feel or be the foundation to build a light, bright and airy room. Blizzard lives as a beautiful canvas for food preparation and presentation. Pair with stainless steel appliances for a modern or industrial feel or add pops of color for a playful space.
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6600 Nougat
Chunky, course-grained and neutral-colored quartz chips blanket a milky white stone background. A slab of uninterrupted Caesarstone Nougat will make any room sweeter. Combine with natural wood elements for a traditional or earthy feel or texture in modern materials for an industrial look.
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6131 Bianco Drift
With the essence of purity and lightness, Bianco Drift has a cool grey base with composed white and dark grey veins. Inspired by airy granites that combine their delicate features with the slow movement of the drifting winds, Bianco Drift is a clean, crisp, classically-inspired beauty to enjoy in a variety of places from kitchen islands to wall applications.
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6141 Ocean Foam
A true white base with blended, translucent quartz particles that add depth and allow for versatility. A nod to the sea, Ocean Foam creates a calming atmosphere that helps you feel connected to yourself and the world around you. Add beach-inspired colors for a coastal casa or bold textures to illuminate your adventurous design style.
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6611 Himalayan Moon
A rhythmic blend of snowy white tones contrasted by dramatic and elegant onyx veining. The landscape of Himalayan Moon is diverse, enchanting and far from ordinary. This eye-catching, granite-inspired color is the pinnacle of sophistication as two contrasting shades meld together to create a balance with endless design opportunities.
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6607 Snowy Cliffs
Soft whites melt into earth-toned browns to create a delicate texture reminiscent of snow settling upon an untouched clifftop. This elevated Caesarstone color is extremely versatile and can give a relaxed sense of breezy beach living or a time-honored sense of tradition
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6270 Atlantic Salt
A mosaic of white, taupe, grey and black colors inspired by the natural and unrefined purity that exists deep within the oceans. With an intricate and sculptured design, Atlantic Salt is beautiful for a modern, minimalistic space or mixed with bold tones.
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6003 Coastal Grey
An intricate play of grey, black and white veins that exude a sense of sophistication and glamour. Layers and textures give Coastal Grey a sleekness and depth that work brilliantly as the anchor to both contemporary and traditional spaces. This Caesarstone color allows no barriers as it is compatible with many different materials and hues.
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6684 Caldera
A rich tone with a chocolatey texture and a hardy surface activated by hints of gleaming gold. The flow of design breathes new life into the surface that is reflective of the massiveness and rugged beauty of granite stone as it lies in nature. Entwined with softer and darker tones, Caldera exudes an earthy comfort and offers a refreshing twist to any interior space.
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5100 Vanilla Noir
A rich, ebony-colored base rippled with expanding creamy white veins. Vanilla Noir dramatically merges solid black, bold beige and vanilla veins as it enriches any interior with a unique, luxurious feel. It's a tuxedo, a simple black and white combo that is a perfect balance of radiant personality and luxe style. This Caesarstone color can add bold magnetism to a business or rustic charm to a residence-and everything in between.