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breathe new life into your space
Now you can add elegance to homes by resurfacing the countertops with the premium look and long lasting quality of Caesarstone in just hours. Transform by Caesarstone is a custom quartz overlay that's applied over existing countertops, giving a luxurious update without the time, tear-out, and cost of a full kitchen remodel.
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Why replace when you can transform?
Our innovative process
Customer provides basic measurements and a date and time for fabricator consultation.
Fabricator measures the space and based on these measurements, provides a project estimate.
Customer order is finalized and premium Caesarstone quartz can be sized and cut according to specifications.
Transform is installed in a matter of hours.
Caesarstone Transform overlays most surfaces, including tile, laminate, stainless steel, granite, concrete, and butcher-block.*
*Transform is intended to overlay all countertops, however uneven surfaces and over-mount sinks may require additional kitchen installation or fabrication service.
Guaranteed for life
Care & Maintenance
Heat Resistant
Scratch Resistant
Stain Resistant
Caesarstone produced the world’s first natural quartz surface in 1987, establishing itself as a pioneer in the trade. Since then, Caesarstone has continued to perfect the process and establish the benchmarks for design and innovation in the industry with surfaces held to the highest-quality standards.

Benefits of Transform by Caesarstone
Existing surfaces are covered in luxury
A 13mm layer of beautiful Caesarstone quartz is overlaid your existing countertop, giving your space a new look in hours.

High-end look in less time
It only takes the professional team hours, not days or weeks, to install your new countertops.

No mess or high price tag
You can save hundreds of dollars in tear out costs by simply covering your existing countertops with the beauty and style of Caesarstone quartz.