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Reading: Refresh Your Kitchen or Bath with Transform by Caesarstone

Refresh Your Kitchen or Bath with Transform by Caesarstone

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Say the words “kitchen remodel” to most clients and be prepared to see knitted brows. Most clients don’t want to deal with a long, stressful tear-out that puts them out of their home for days or weeks. What they do want is an updated kitchen with a fresh, clean surface made of the most beautiful and durable materials on the market.

Fortunately, there is now an innovative new solution available to today’s busy consumers.

Meet Transform™ by Caesarstone©.

Transform overlays current countertops, which means consumers can refresh their space in hours instead of days without the tear out of a full remodel. Existing surfaces are covered in luxury—a 13mm layer of beautiful Caesarstone quartz is overlaid an existing countertop, giving any space a new look in hours.

This product is a cutting-edge custom quartz layer that is professionally applied on top of existing countertops. The process begins when a designer coordinates a convenient time for a certified Caesarstone fabricator to visit the home to record exact measurements and options required to complete the transformation process. Next, a fabricator measures the space and provides a project estimate. The customer can choose from four edge styles: eased, bevel, round over, or ogee.

Once the order is finalized, the fabricator will return to the home to size, cut and install the selected premium Caesarstone quartz according to specifications. Uneven surfaces and over-mount sinks may require additional kitchen installation or fabrication service

People love this option, because it offers a high-end look for an affordable price in less time, with no demolition or dust. Transform surfaces are scratch resistant, mold and mildew resistant, stain resistant, crack resistant, non-absorbent and nonporous, and chemical and heat resistant. Transform offers color consistency, easy maintenance, quick installation, and up to 25% savings.

Transform comes with a lifetime warranty and provides your customers exceptional value and peace of mind that their new countertops are backed by Caesarstone for life.

See available colors, and before and after photos at